Celebration party

The local chess club Pyrros, on Ioannina Greece, is open for one here. Thus, we made a celebration party inviting our chess friends. Unfortunately the most of our fellow citizens choose to make their last bath on the sea, before the new school year starts.

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Play like Fischer

The wait is over – our new course “Play like Fischer” is released today! It’s an opportunity for you to learn from the former world champion’s crystal-clear style and incorporate them into your own games. His style is so clear that anyone can imitate it, even if you are a beginner.

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A few minutes ago I played an interesting game online, with a lot of ups and downs... In the diagram position, it's white's turn and makes mate in 4. Could you find the solution?

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Bobby Fischer

“I like the moment when I break a man's ego.”

Robert James "Bobby" Fischer was born on 1943; he was the only American chess grandmaster who mages to become a World Chess Champion. He keep the title for only 3 years, from September 1, 1972 till to April 3, 1975, but still today he is considered one of the best players, a real legend in chess.

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