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It is existed for more than 1500 years. Both players are provided with equal opportunities to win the game.

It’s a very competitive game thanks to his goal, to win; to in prison the enemy monarch. Similarly the player ranking system, which developed on 1960, is another reason which proves it. Last but not least, some World Chess Champions have won their national Sportsman of the Year competition, such as Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Vishy Anand (India) and Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria)..

Many millions of people are play chess around the globe. It’s impossible to know the exact number because not all of them are resister on chess clubs. However there are plenty of chess tournaments and online chess game zones..

Playing chess is a cool way to know new people which share the same passion with you.

Many scientific studies have proven that chess help you to improve your creativity, power of concentration and academic performance. Similarly this game can help you to develop critical thinking skills, memory and problem-solving capabilities..

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Daily News and Tournaments

Many chess tournaments take place around the world and a lot is going on chess community. Be first who will learn about your heroes’ achievements, winners, and a lot of other cool stuff.

News presented objectively and we are focusing on your chess improvement, presenting the most interesting topics and moments from the great recent played chess games. It's free for you and fueled by our passion for the game.

Our blog no-1 goal is to make you love chess, to spread this awesome game around the word and enjoy by study and play. If you like chess, then you are in the right place! Please don't forget to share the content with your friends... :-)

Online Free Chess School

Chess school on Rules-Chess-Strategy is the biggest and most interesting part of the website. Even if you are totally rookie or an expert player I'm sure that you can find interesting things in this category which will help you to improve your chess game significantly. Here comes the sweetest part for you, it's all free!

The no-1 goal is to teach you something from scratch and to help you improve your chess understanding. You can learn the basic rules, the opening, how to plan and more advanced stuff like pawn-structures and prophylaxis.

Comprehensive Chess Lessons

If you like to study chess seriously then you are in the right place. If you like to learn how to go somewhere, then you may ask people who went there. If you like to increase your ELO rating then you may like to take pieces of advice from high rating chess trainers, am I right?

A chess course has everything you need to know regarding one specific chess topic. You can learn a specific new ability, accordingly with the course subject, from zero to expert level. You can study the video lessons, then you can read the text files and finally, you can train on the practical part. This is the well-known method of improvement.

Meet your Personal Training

Every student has his own needs; you have your own needs. You need help in order to analyze your games, learn how to study chess, what material to read, in which tournaments to play etc.

You can ask your own questions any time you like and you can get immediately your reply. I can find your chess weaknesses and teach you how exactly to rid of them one and forever. If you already know me from my previous work, by reading the blog, visiting the chess online school and observe my personal YouTube channel then it's time to make some price chess lessons in order to boost your performance.

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