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The biggest moment of every chess player is to play a World Chess Championship (WCC). On November 2018 is taking place this event in which the current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen is facing his challenger Fabiano Caruana.


Mikhail Tal, the 8th World Champion, was born on November 9th, 1936 in Riga. He probably would have been happy to know that the 44th WCM begun on his birthday. Let’s see some statistics of these two great players, which are for sure the number one and two in the world.


The Grandmaster title


Magnus was born on 30 of November 1990 and Fabi on 30 July of 1992. On April 2004 Magnus had 2552 ELO and Fabi 2140. On this year he becomes the 3rd youngest Grandmaster (GM) in history.


In 2005, Caruana moves to Europe and plays under the flag of his mother’s country, Italy. In 2007, it was his time to won the top chess title. At the age of 14 years old, 11 months and 20 days he becomes the youngest even Italian and US GM.


Break the barrier!


In January of 2006 Magnus break the barrier of 2600 ELO rating and Caruanna followed him at April of 2008. Mangus continues to raise his rating and on July of 2007 he managed to break 2700 barrier! Caruana also followed this achievement and he crosses 2700 ELO points at September 2010. However in the same year, 2010, Magnus was the number 1 ranking player in the World and since then he holds this position.


Caruana also manages to join the top elite of chess players in 2012; from number 17 moved to number 5.


Other big achievements


As we already know Magnus is holding the title since 2013. Fabi shocked the chess world with his unbelievable performance; starting the Sinquefild Cup with a stunning 7 game winning streak, including beating Carlsen. On May 2015 he is playing again with US Chess Federation.


Peak rating


Carlsen’s best ELO is 2882 (!); which achieved on May of 2014. Caruana best ELO is 2844 on October 2014.


Match situation


The 12 game match organized by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, and its commercial partner Agon. The match will take place in London at the College in Holborn between 9 and 28th November 2018.


Caruana qualified as challenger by winning the 2018 Candidates tournament; an eight player double round-robin tournament played in Berlin Germany on March from 10 to 28.


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