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Game 7 – No Breakthrough This Time

In the second part of the match and more specifically in game, players changed the colors; Magnus had the… Read more...

Game 6 – A Fighting Draw

Many years passed since an American has won a game in World Championship Match; I'm referring to the fantastic player… Read more...

Game 5 – Caruana's Training Notes Didn’t Help Carlsen

Fabiano Caruana manage to surprise again Magnus Carlsen in the opening with... Read more...

Game 4 – Carlsen Didn't Manage to Break the Deadlock

We can see a lot of posts so far on the internet about how boring was the games and people express their disappointment for the final results. However, we are talking about... Read more...

Game 3 – Another Bloodless Draw

In general in this match, Black is doing OK, and this happened in this particular game 3. However, Magnus Carlsen after the game states… Read more...


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Of chess, it has been said that life is not enough for it, but that's the fault of life, not the chess. William Napier

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