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The 10th round of the Tata Steel Chess tournament 2014 saw decisive win of Levon Aronian over Leinier Dominguez Perez which won him the tournament with a round to go.

This is Aronian's fourth victory in the event.  After the victory Aronian was found saying, "maybe I'm putting in more work before the games that pays off" and today he felt 17.Rfe1 "shouldn't be the best move for him" Aronian presented quick and confident moves and had put Dominguez into quite bad pressure. A couple imprecision led Dominguez miss the match and allow Aronian to bring full point and first place with 8/10 two points clear of the field.


On another game, Anish Giri played the unusual 12.Qd3 in a Catalan against Sergey Karjakin but unfortunately the moves did not bring much satisfaction for Giri and further he managed to liquidate to a draw.


Richard Rapport played against Nimzo-Larsen with 1.Nf3 and 2.b3 and this made Hikaru Nakamura to use lots of time. Although, Nakamura got a good position yet once the tactics started the American secured top position and won reasonably comfortably.


Round 10 Standings: Aronian 8pts/10,  Giri, Karjakin 6pts, Harikrishna, Caruana, Dominguez, So 5.5pts, Nakamura 4.5, Van Wely 4.0, Rapport, Gelfand 3.5, Naiditsch 2.5.

Round 11 Sunday 26th Jan 11am GMT: Nakamura-Giri, Naiditsch-Rapport, So-Caruana, Gelfand-Harikrishna, Aronian-Van Wely, Karjakin-Dominguez.


To make 10th round of the Tata Steel Chess tournament 2014 more interesting Garry Kasparov visited the event and was present in some press conferences and signings. He was also engaged into a spot of commentating; noting how much chess and its strategies have changed had changed. He noted that only Loek van Wely was left from the A-Group from his time but that it was also nice to see Timman in the B-Group again.  


The chess tournament here thus witnessed several significant happenings.

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