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The most important position of the chessboard is the center. By the center I mean the...



... central squares d4, d5, e4, and e5. This is one of the most important chess pieces of advice and the most of the opening system are following this advice; control the center. For example the Ruy Lopez, the Sicilian Defense, and even the Queen’s Gambit, is some of the most popular openings nowadays. Similarly, you advise play 1.e4 or 1.d4 and this is correct.


You may wonder why this is very important, to control center. It's important because if you place one of your pieces in the center of the board then it can control the maximum number of squares. Similarly, you can transfer it very easily to one side of the board or to another, according to your preferences. In conclusion, if you place one of your pieces in the center of the board then this piece is more flexible and it will give you more options.


Control the center and you will control the game.


Recently I recorded a chess video lesson for my YouTube channel. In the game the White player managed to start the fantastic attack against the enemy King. He controlled the center very well and this was the main reason for his successful attack.

You can read more information about this game here | Crushing attack against King Wei Yi vs Zhou Jianchao


Video Tutorial | Chess Lesson



You can detail articles for Shamkir Chess 2019


English | Read more here

Greek |

Σολάρει ο Κάρλσεν | Διαβάστε εδώ

Ανατρέπει τα δεδομένα ο Karjakin | Διαβάστε εδώ

Πατάει γκάζι ο Μάγκνους! | Διαβάστε εδώ

I'm sure that you have a favorite chess game and you was so impressed from the way that winner side handle the game, am I right? If you like to keep your pieces active then you should place them in the center of the board.


Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning




Remote Chess Academy creates a new course for you. In this course you would learn how to coordinate your pieces, and indeed is a very important topic in chess. The first and most important rule it says to place your pieces in the center or the board, however, if you truly like to boost their possibilities then you should coordinate them.

If you manage to coordinate your pieces for the same goal, then you can increase their activity and attacking power! This is the main goal of the course, to teach you how to coordinate your pieces.


More information


The author of this course is international Master Valerie Lilov, a very strong player, good teacher and popular YouTuber. He recorded 10 cool video lessons of 180 minutes during in total.

Similarly, inside the course, you can find the practical part with 50 games. That practical part is very important because you can understand better the theoretical knowledge. In the theoretical video lessons you will learn the main ideas and then in the practical part you will train your thinking system; in order to understand better all of the video lessons.

If you successfully study the video lessons and the practical part then you will be able to apply this new knowledge in your games and for that reason you can boost your chess results.


Video Lessons


Intro – 1.34

Lesson 1 Advanced Pieces – 27.13

Lesson 2 Focus on advance squares and pieces – 13.46

Lesson 3 Center and Coordination – 18.32

Lesson 4 The Opponent's Pieces – 26.48

Lesson 5 Space and Activity – 16.35

Lesson 6 Piece Weaknesses – 20.37

Lesson 7 Game Stages – 10.00

Lesson 8 Exchanges – 10.02

Lesson 9 Maneuvers – 19.56

Lesson 10 Power play – 13.48

Outro – 1.21


Total duration = 180


Practical part


Control the center = 6 (commented)

Evaluating = 5 (commented)

Exchanges = 7 (commented)

Maneuvers = 7 (commented)

Power play (Play in area which you are stronger) = 7 (Commented)

Space advantage = 7 (commented)

IQP = 5 (commented)

Active pieces – squares = 6 (commented)


Total = 50


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Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning

Mastering Piece Coordination and Planning | This is an amazing chess course
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Angelos Kesaris

Aggelos Kesaris, an active chess coach.

He teaches Greek students from 2003. He worked in different chess clubs. At current times, he is taking lessons on Dias Petroupolis, the biggest club in Greece with more than 500 members.

In 2017, he created a chess club, Pyrros Ioanninon; he holds the president position.

He works on RCA from 2011 in different positions. Currently, he is working on the Academy Department, helping other titled authors to create quality chess courses.

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