“Play like Fischer” is an absolutely essential course. It will help you to understand the secrets behind Fischer’s style. After the study of this course you will be able to copy some of his winning techniques into your games, so you can play like a really strong player!


Why we created this course?


Bobby Fischer is the American chess hero. He manages to win all the Russians elite players and win the top chess title, World Chess Championship. Apart from that, his style is crystal and clear. For that reason, you can learn Fischer's techniques easily!


Students’ questions answered in this course


"I am still below 1400elo, this course is too advanced for me", "I want to improve from 1800 to 2000 or above, not from or to Carlsen's level"



This course is for beginners to intermediate students, thus, it is for you and you can you can understand it easily. Let's be honest, you and no one else will never play exactly like Fischer. How whether we selected the techniques of Fischer and if you take only the 10% of this idea then this course can improve your game for sure.


“I don’t like Fischer”



Here there are two possibilities. Either, you may not like the style or y may not like the personality of Fischer. Whatever you like his personality or not we can admit that he was one of the strongest chess players of all times. The advantage of this style is that it is very clear and it is very easy to follow his style.


Fischer belongs to classical players. However, many top grandmasters of our times they are using a lot of computer moves and they have very - very deep opening preparation. Very often they break the typical rules due to a very specific tactical reason. Fischer played in crystal and clear style and you can imitate in your games.


 “I have seen many Fischer games already, and I can find more on the Internet for free.”



The goal of the course is not to show you Fischer’s games. The goal is to show you the thinking system and why he found the brilliant moves. This topic has never been answered before.


“I want to improve MY play, instead of watching Fischer games.”



Although the course is talked for Fischer of the course is focused on you. This course made for you and its focus on your own needs. This is also the reason why we pick up the title play like Fischer. We talk what you can learn from Fischer’s game and how you can corporate these in your play.


Special topic covered in this course



In this course, you can learn more about positional play. Do you know exactly what this term means? Positional play is a part of middlegame in which we improve and place our pieces to the best positions. From these positions, they can work perfectly with the other pieces and help us to create cool tactical motives.


On RCA we are working in order to provide you the best chess courses in the world. The courses created by your own needs and they are designed in order to help you improve your chess results and skills. I strongly recommend you to buy and study this course because it will really help you. You can read more here.


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