Greek Chess Program

Greek Chess Program
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Video Lessons, PGN Theoretical Files, PGN Exercises Files, PDF Files, Final Test
Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Προπονητής Σκάκι: Kesaris Angelo
Κατηγορία: Greek Training ProgramGreek Training Program
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General Information

Here you can find the beginner's package; a perfect weapon that can give you a huge boost to your chess career. You can find the collection of beginner's programs:


How To Develop Your Chess Skills Easily
(Program 800)
22 Theoretical Video Lessons | 165 Examples
19 Exercises = 190 Examples

Everything You Need To Know About Chess Fundamentals
(Program 1000)
19 Theoretical Video Lessons | 174 Examples
23 Exercises = 230 Examples

How To Stop Blunders And Increase Your Chess Rating
(Program 1100)
28 Theoretical Video Lessons | 247 Examples
18 Exercises = 180 Examples

A Complete Chess Guide From Beginner To Intermediate Player
(Program 1200)
26 Theoretical Video Lessons | 193 Examples
20 Exercises = 200 Examples

In Total:

95 Theoretical Video Lessons | 779 Minutes (13 hours)
800 Games Analyzed

Subscribing to the bundle you can get access to all of the above-mentioned courses with a huge discount. The normal price for the courses is Novice-800 = 39 €, Rookie-1000 = 44 €, Beginner-1100 = 59 €, Elementary 1200 = 59 € Total = 201 €.

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