Chess Opening Bundle

Chess Opening Bundle
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Video Lessons, PGN Theoretical Files, PGN Exercises Files, PDF Files
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Προπονητής Σκάκι: Kesaris Angelo
Κατηγορία: Chess Opening RepertoireChess Opening Repertoire
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General Information

 Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

To know the chess moves

01 CheckThe lessons are suitable for:

  • 1200 – 2000+ Fide Official Rating
  • 1100 – 2200+ Online Rating (LiChess or


  1. Scandinavian 3...Qa5 | Chess Course
  2. Grand Prix Attack | Chess Course
  3. Benko Gambit | Chess Course


23 Theoretical Video Lessons | 295 Minutes | 4.9 Hours
90 Games Analyzed

Grand Prix
11 Theoretical Video Lessons | 201 Minutes | 3.35 Hours
49 Analyzed Games

Benko Gambit
23 Theoretical Video Lessons | 348 Minutes | 5.8 Hours
PGN Files with games and analysis
Exercises = 50

Note: The lessons on Benko Gambit have been revised and for that reason, the price of the course has risen.

In Total:

46 Theoretical Video Lessons | 844 Minutes (14 hours)
196 Games Analyzed

The time to improve at chess is now; so please enroll in the lessons to boost your understanding and results to the maximum level! 


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