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Angelo Kesaris
Angelo KesarisProfessional Chess Trainer

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GM Stelios Halkias

GM Stelios Halkias

"Although I started chess late, I quickly managed to make up for lost time."

The Grandmaster Stelios Halkias open his cards and he explains us what you should do in order to be succesful at chess!

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Grand Prix Attack

Attacking Secrets

The essence of the game is to checkmate the opponent king. To achieve our primary goal we must create an attack. The tactical blows exists in positions which the opponent already committed a mistake. Similalry, in order to create or find tactical shots we must have a superior position or more threats comparing to our opponent.

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How To Calculate

How To Calculate

In this article you'll going to learn how to get better at chess by learning practical calculation techniques. Let's dive in into amateurs mind and compare the thinking way of amateur against strong player. Calculation is not just tactical puzzles and after few minutes you'll understand why!

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Some say that chess is a form of art; others it's all about science... Above all however, chess is a game.


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