Angelos Kesaris was born in Ioannina on July 1, 1982. The first contact with chess was at an early age, but in the city of Ioannina there was no chess development. In 2000 he began studying in Cephalonia, the tertiary education of Organic Farming and basically started playing chess.

01 Kesaris
Playing Activity:

He is an active player and coach at the Chess Club “Pyrros” in Ioannina.

He had participated in the 38th National Championship A Championship in 2010.

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He has twice won the cup and twice the Northwest Greece Championship with the Ioannina team.

03 Kesaris
Cup Winners 2010

04 Kesaris
Cup Winners 2013

Coaching Activity:

  • He holds the National Instructor coach (National Trainer) from FIDE, the World Chess Federation.
  • He has taught chess at the Chess Club, the Chess Club of Thesprotia, Konitsa and Paramythia.
  • He works as an Academy manager on one of the world's most famous chess companies, the Remote Chess Academy (RCA), from 2009.
  • He works as a content manager on the Chessbee chess-humor site since 2016.

Writing activity:

05 Kesaris

  • He has written the book "The first steps in chess" and "play is your turn".
  • He has created successful courses "the next level in chess", a repertoire of e4-e5 openings, and play fast and right.
  • He has translated into Greek two of the RCA chess courses, "the secrets of grandmothers" and "the grandmother's opening lab".

Journalistic Activity:

At we cover journalistically all the big chess events taking place in Western Greece with photos and reports.


06 Kesaris

He is an active referee in A-class chess.

School Leagues:

He has organized, in cooperation with the National Technical University, the official school championship. for 2011-12.

He has co-organized, together with Mr. G. Derekas, the 2012-2013 Thesprotia School Championship.

He has organized, in collaboration with the CSS, the official Ioannina school championship for 2012-13.

Official Teams Championships:

07 Kesaris

He has organized the inter-league championship. 2011-12 and 2012-13.

He has organized the interplay cup. 2012-13

He is the organizer of chess tournaments for young and old.

Other officially rated leagues:

He is co-organizer, along with Mr. G. Derekas, of the successful tournament "Pyrros" 1 and "Pyrros 2".

He has organized the 3rd officially rated domestic championship of Ioannina.

08 Kesaris
Pyrros Tournament 2012

FIDE Profile

You can see his profile in the World Chess Federation (FIDE) by clicking here.

You can see his profile in the Greek Chess Federation clicking here.

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