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is the place for next-level chess training and improvement. The website was founded by Angelo Kesaris, an internationally recognized chess trainer.

After performing lessons in person for so many years, Angelo finally struck gold with website in chess training and improvement. He created Rules - Chess - Strategies to teach chess worldwide and share the experience that he learned along the way and.

Since launching Rules Chess Strategies, Angelo quickly made a name for himself by publishing insanely practical strategies that newbies can use to grow their chess rating to the top. Rules Chess Strategies is now one of the most popular, if not the most popular, chess websites in Greece and growing fast to other countries as well.

Chess Club

Chess Club

The first contact with chess was at early age, but the Greek city of Ioannina had no real chess development. He started be active coach at 2005 by giving lessons to the local club. After this, he helped many other neighbor clubs to grow up. More specifically he was-is active chess coach:

  • Thesprotia // 3 years
  • Konitsa // 2 years
  • Paramythia // 3 years
  • Ioannina // 7 years
  • Dias Petroupolis // 3 years and still active

If you work just for money you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing, success will be yours!

YouTube Channel

In order to spread his love for chess he created a YouTube channel. It was live at 30 May 2010 and for a decade offer hundred of quality videos in Greek language. Till today it is the best and most popular Greek Chess YouTube channel. After 2020 it hosts exclusively videos on English. With your support can perform as good as other popular channels. You can show some love by subscribing.

Writing Activity


Back in the day the educational materials in Greece was very poor. Hence, he start preparing his own notes which he combine into a book published at 2011; “the first steps at chess” in Greek language. In the other hand, the technology was rapidly improved and start turning from reading to watching. A new world wide demand developed for chess videos. At that period many online chess companies start making their first steps; as Remote Chess Academy. It's MOTO is student's constant, everyday improvement.

Angelo start cooperating with the founder GM Igor Smirnov in 2014 as Affiliate Program manager. The main task was to find new business partners and inform existing Affiliates for RCA products. By the way we have an Affiliate Program here on Rules Chess Strategies and you're welcome to take part of it. We do offer the HUGE 50% commission on the sales; and you can read more information here.

Other Chess Activities

Translation Activity

Translation Activity

Understanding the power of video lessons he created the comprehensive chess courses “The Next Level” (2014) and “Play Fast & succesful” (2015) both in Greek language. The same year, 2015, suggested to Igor translate some of successful RCA course to Greek. Hence, “The Grandmaster Secrets” and “Grandmaster Opening Laboratory” are created.

The result of this activity made him a Translation manager help the company translate the courses to other languages as Italian, France, German, Arabic, Mandarin, and of course Spanish. The RCA Spanish courses are extremely popular having very good reviews.

The cooperation went very well, so the company recognizes his potentials. It was time to evolve the connection. Thus, in 2016 he starts work as Academy manager. You can easily understand that the most important position on any educational company is the Academy Manager...

Until that time the company created 11 chess courses but after that point we give a fantastic boost to production, creating brand new course every 2 months! Today, 2021, we have more than 40 different courses; you can take a look at them here.


Cooperation With Title Chess Players

This activity helped him to cooperate with almost all famous authors today. Naming a few, GM Maxim Dlugy, GM Alexander Ipatov, GM Marian Petrov, GM Robert Hungaski, GM Sergey Kasparov, GM Suat Atalik, IM Asaf Givon, IM Robert Ris, IM Mateusz Kolosowski, IM Valery Lilov, IM Alex Kundin, IM David Miedema, IM Vangjel Buli, IM Maxi Perez and others...

His job is to plan the lessons on RCA YouTube channel and prepare chess courses. With the authors he organizes the theoretical lessons. Then he prepare the printing materials, conclusions, and the exercises on practice. Indeed, practice is an element that gives the lead comparing the courses with other top companies. He is also involving actively on theoretical video creation and he is co-author to some courses like the “Exchange Pieces Like A Pro”.

YouTube Success

Apart from his own YouTube channel, which you can see by clicking here, he created videos for other top companies.

He created a lot of succesful videos which rated better than other titles authors, FM, IM, or even GMs. The pinnacle of success is his 2020 trilogy of:

Remote Chess Academy || 274 000 Subscribers

King’s Gambit: Powerful Chess Opening Weapon for White! // 900K + || 174 000 Subscribers

Aggressive Chess Openings With Angelo Kesaris // 3K +

Use These 8 (!!) Traps & Win Quickly with the Stafford Gambit // 15K +

Ideas and Creativity

Mainly we create fascinating didactic and education material but on 2017 he suggested Igor to create more humoristic, informing stuff. Thus, the chess-bee created. The idea didn't finally work out but over a year he use to create videos for popular games, chess puzzles, quotes, and other things. The chess bee Facebook page is still active today with 75K followers.

Chess Club Founder

Disappointed from the other local chess club he establish a brand new Chess Club; Pyrros Ioanninon. His original idea was to participate actively in chess tournaments, create tournaments more often, bring new students from schools to the chess club, and a democratic, objective, and impartial system for tournament team selection.

Long story short, you cannot convince everyone even if you start from scratch. Some people cannot understand or just they don't like to change their strong opinions. In 2018 he took the brave decision move to Athens. Instantly, the president of the biggest club in Greece, Dias Petroupolis, ask him to participate in Club's training sessions. Till today he is an active chess coach there.

The Website

The first attempt was a personal blog back to 2010. The content was informative and educational. He was planning to create an online educational website but the cannot support this ambitious venture. Hence, he moved on by creating a wesbite; however the extentions and online tools had not developed. Last years the situation dramatically improve to the better.

The Rules Chess Strategies contains a lot of improvements and innovations. You can see the courses organized online, by any device. You have your own personal menu with the lessons and progress to them. You have plenty of different quiz in order to test your knowledge. Above all you can find all the materials organized in order to proceed with your chess development smoothly. As far as you can understand this process cost money and many sleepless nights. The good news is that you can enjoy the navigation experience and a smile in your face can make us happy!

Back to the Business

Having calm in personal life and a robust website start creating courses again. He has developed a program which is the main vantage point. In simple words Kesaris Training Chess Program is specialized system, seperated in school years. Every “year” contains approximately 40 lessons with theoretical lessons, exercises, and final puzzles.

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He has an active channel on this famous platform by uploading videos every Tuesday and Saturday. You're welcome to show some love there; please follow the channel.

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