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Turn Your Knowledge into Income

At Rules Chess Strategies, anyone can start earning online. Just share what you know, see what resonates, and start earning money—it's that simple!

We provide an easy-to-use chess platform where individuals, even those with other occupations, can easily create and publish their own chess courses without the requirement of having a registered company. Share your expertise and make an impact in the chess community while earning!


We believe in helping you live better, not burdening you with fees. That’s why we charge no monthly fees and only take a small percentage of each sale.

With us taking only 40%, you keep 60% of each sale!

Discover Our Services

  1. You will earn passive income every month!
  2. You can publish and sell a course without the need for a company (usually incurring a basic cost of 5000 € per year or even more).
  3. You don't need to create a website; probably it will cost 1000 € or 2000 €. Then you need to find a URL, buy a hosting plan, keep it updated, add new content all the time, etc.
  4. You don't need to know any programming language or to be a graphical designer.
  5. You don't need to find and correct the website bugs (Extremely Time-Consuming)!
  6. You don't need to maintain the website; with a cost of at least 1000 € per year (pay for hosting plan, extra space according to visitors, update extensions, etc).
  7. You won't have to worry about hacking attacks.
  8. Earn Up to 60% Commissions!
  9. Earn an Additional 15% with Our Affiliate Program.
  10. You will gain access to specialized training on creating chess courses.

Irresistible Advantages

  1. Learn How to Craft Your Course.  With years of experience in developing high-quality courses, we are well-equipped to guide you through the creation of your next outstanding chess course. Our comprehensive technical support includes providing you with essential resources, such as templates, guides, and tutorials, to facilitate the entire process of effective course creation.
  2. Address Potential Concerns.  Communication is the key! We are here to anticipate and address common concerns or questions that you have.
  3. Flexibility.  The platform offers you the opportunity to create courses at your own pace, update content as needed, and manage your courses from anywhere.
  4. Enhance Your Marketing Reach.  We specialize in promoting upcoming courses to a vast audience of thousands of students. Harness the power of our sophisticated and proven marketing tools to ensure a successful launch and release for your new course.
  5. You have the flexibility to apply discounts during the initial days of release or at any other time of your choosing.
  6. You have the option to gift your course to specific individuals of your choosing, free of charge.

Author Requirement

  • Hold a FIDE title (GM, IM, FM).
  • Be a professional chess trainer.
  • School Chess Teacher.
  • Be a chess YouTuber/Streamer.

NOTE: One course cannot have two or more authors as it would complicate matters.

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