Chess is a brain storming game. Chess is a great brain storming game as it needs proper strategy and imagination and can lead to intellectual growth of not only the children but the adults as well.

It teaches people to be more careful about their moves and also how to be patient. A child who plays chess regularly always analyses the situation before reacting to it.


Chess is also known to make the organisational and analytical skills of a child better according to many studies conducted.


A child who plays chess on a regular basis is better academically than a child who does not.


Chess improves both the school grades and schoolwork quality. Learning ability, mathematical concepts, reading level all is known to improve with chess.


Hence, a kid who plays chess is sure to be successful in life. As chess is associated with patterns and positions, it improves the memory of the players. A chess player learns from his or her own mistakes and also from the games of his or her opponents. Since, one need to memorize the moves, themes and idea, chess playing kids are usually very good in spellings and maths.


Most children are active and are not able to concentrate for a very long time. Chess players on the other hand forget about the entire world while playing chess. Even the chess tournaments for kids take place for 3-4 hours at a stretch. This helps a child in concentrating over one thing for a long time. Chess helps in the development of life skills in children as well.


It teaches them that the first available option is not always the best option. It helps the children to take the correct decision based on a particular circumstance. Last but definitely not the least, chess helps in logical thinking and improves the decision making ability of a kid. In short, it helps in the complete development of the brain which no other game does.

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