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2ND Gurgaon GM Tournament

The 2nd Gurgaon International Open Chess Tournament is happening from…

… 1-8th January, 2014, at the Suncity School, Suncity Township, Sector 54, in Gurgaon. Haryana Chess Association and Gurgaon Chess Association under the aegis of All India Chess Federation has organised the tournament.  The chess tournament is conducted according to the FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss System. According to rules, in case of a tie, the latest FIDE Rules shall be followed, however the organisers clears it that the Cash prizes will not be shared. This tournament has planned 10 rounds of the chess game. Total Cash Prizes announced for the tournament is Rs. 10,00,000/-.


The tournament has witnessed the presence of several Grandmasters of the royal game. The Gurgaon International Open Chess Tournament has been glorified with the presence of GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2628, GM Barbosa Oliver PHI 2579, GM Evdokimov Alexander A. RUS 2558,  GM Gagunashvili Merab GEO 2547, GM Gomez John Paul PHI 254,  GM Sanikidze Tornike GEO 2541, GM Dzhumaev Marat UZB 2521, GM Neverov Valeriy UKR 2519, GM Arun Prasad S. IND 2504, GM Grover Sahaj IND 2478 and many other well known players of international repute.


All participants of the tournament are provided free accommodation on triple sharing basis or dormitory type accommodation. The accompanying persons however have received accommodation according to their own expenses. However, those accompanying persons of the tournament who had intimated earlier were provided lodging on a payment of Rs. 3,500/- per head during the course of the tournament.


As last year, this year too, the 2nd Gurgaon International Open Chess Tournament has attracted the attention of both the locals and the international players alike.   Huge response from all over the world has been received and the organisers believe that the tournament will end in a grand success. 

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