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Winner Aronian losses to Van Wely in Tata Steel finals

Levon Aronian who was winning the Tata Steel tournament till date with 8/11 points and was ahead with a half clear of Anish Giri and Sergey Karjakin.

Aronian had also secured first place with a round to go but unfortunately he blundered to a loss in the final round against Loek van Wely.


It was a great blunder on part of Aronian against Van Wely, which caused trouble for him. He said "My most interesting game was with Van Wely but unfortunately I spoiled it." "It wasn't my intention to get into time trouble but I did in the end"


Van Wely was happy to beat Levon Aronian with black in the final round as it was an unexpected victory on his part.  He accepted that whilst he was happy with his aggressive choice of opening and spoke about Aronian’s blunder for the first time in the tournament that eventually got into time trouble and once the complications started Aronian looked extremely nervous and eventually fell to a pretty blow 38...Bd4+


Hikaru Nakamura , the Amrican player felt that finally in the last two or three games of the event he started to play well but he  had the better of a draw against Anish Giri where they played an old line of the English with "crazy" complications according to Giri. Giri on the other hand confirmed that he was in a good shape in the event and that perhaps in retrospect he should have played more boldly.


Tournament director Jeroen van den Berg established that there will be a 77th edition of the same tournament next year. Aronian said despite the loss in the tournament,  he was happy that the game came close to the Dutch public and he will work hard  to  come back to his form for the Norway chess tournament later in the year that will also be  conducted in several venues and undoubtedly there will be lessons to be learned from that experience too.

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