The Ultimate Checkmate in 1 Move Challenge

How good your chess skills are? Can you solve these 28 checkmates puzzles?

…Today I have a very challenging video for you and I'm going to provide checkmate in one move. Please notice that it's not as easy as it looks like and you need to think hard! I'm sure that you will make some mistakes; yes, you hear correctly I am expecting you to make more than one mistake even if you are a strong player or beginner.


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So without further ado let's star


Position 1



Position 2



Position 3



Chess Video

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Position 4



Position 5



Position 6



I selected the 28 puzzles in total, some are very easy and some others are really difficult; I mean it.


Position 7



Please write in the comments your score. Don’t be shy, try to be honest and state your name, ELO points and your score. How many correct answers did you manage to find?

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