What is the best opening move in Chess?

Chess is a game that requires complete concentration and focus of the person. The players needs a lot of experience to play the game. A beginner cannot play one game and move onto regular playing. The game requires patience and persistence. So, the best way will be to indulge in games that can help the person in building their intellectual. However, for a beginner, it is important to learn the basic opening steps for the chess game. The opening are defined based on the history of some famous players. These steps help the person in winning the game and overcoming many hurdles from the beginning itself. However, there are many moves that the person can start for both white and black.


Why to choose the opening move?


You cannot start the game with any move that you like. There are many things that lead to winning the game. There are many other benefits of choosing the opening move. Many times the opening move will help the person in getting a grip in the game from the beginning itself. The proper opening steps will help them in learning as well as challenging the game. Moreover, the major opening steps of the game are defined by some famous players and the game holds many things for them.


Some Opening Steps

The oldest and basic opening steps for the chess game are described here.



In this opening step, the white is trying to create pressure on the black whereas the black moves will change the game for the player. The steps would include 1. e4 e5, 2. f4 Nc6, and 3. Nf3 f5. The white tries to say that they are jeopardizing the position of the white gambit and creating pressure on black. However, the black moves gives a new direction to the game and the black can have many areas of attack and control.


Albin Method

This method is for black counter-gambit that can help in improving the game for the black. The main moves are 1. d4 d5 and 2. c4 e5. The black will lose their pawn at e5 but that will help them in getting the control of the game. The white side will feel the pressure from the black gambit.



The main role of the white gambit is to follow the black knight at all points. The famous move of white is e4 and the black has to think of basic defense mechanism. So, they can use their knight to turn the tables. The black knight can stay at the center of the board and can affect all the pawns of the white side.

Thus, these three basic opening moves can help the player in starting the game. The moves can help them in opening the game as well as take their chances on the winning side. Once, with the help of the moves, they get the control of the center of the board then they can use different methods to work on winning the game.

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