Step by Step Chess Strategy to Follow

Chess is a popular game all over the world due to the challenges it poses in every step. It requires every player to think deeply before making any move. Every single step in the game is very crucial to decide the outcome of the game.

Expert game play is to put your chess pieces on strong squares in the opening phase. Right from the very beginning gain the control of the board's center squares. Capturing those four squares right in the middle of the chessboard is one of the basic chess strategies.


If you misuse your time by playing pointless pawn moves rather than developing Knights and Bishops pieces, then your chances of losing the game will increase automatically.

To win chess games you simply need to follow the best chess strategy tips given below.

  • Learn to develop pieces quickly: Not developing your pieces quickly can be a very dangerous mistake. Develop your pieces quickly as your pieces are like your troops, they will help you to dominate the board and eventually win the game. Reach to the right squares, faster than your opponent is the first step of winning.
  • Control the center:  Throughout the chess history, controlling the center is a common winning strategy. The 4 central squares: e4, d4, e5, and d5, is the most vital part of the chessboard. Most importantly it gives you easy access for your pieces to both sides of the board. If you have more space it means you have a better chance to move your pieces not only for attack for defense as well. 
  • Get your king safe by castle early: Some amateur players make a mistake of not castling to safeguards their king. Castling is a great way to safeguard your King from unexpected chess moves or even from checkmate. Get the king behind your wing pawns and it also activates your rooks. It is the only move that allows developing two of your pieces at the same time.
  • Learn to Pin, Fork, and Skewer opponent’s pieces: The pins, forks, and skewers win more numerous chess games than every other chess strategy united. Here are these basic tactics that every chess player should know.
    1. Pin: This is mainly to pin your opponent's pieces by using your queen, rooks, and bishops to pull a few of the dominant move. It can temporarily block an opponent’s piece to fully participating in the game.
    2. Fork: Every piece on the board has a forking capability but Knights are the most suitable pieces for a fork. It is when multiple of the opponent’s pieces are being pushed by a single piece at the same time, especially it develops a check.
    3. Skewer: It is very similar to a pin, but in a skewer, a more valuable piece is attacked first. Your opponent leaves weak pieces to attack.
  • Preserve your pawn structure: Healthy pawn structure plays a huge role not only in beginners' games as well as in grandmaster games. In the chess opening introducing only one or two pawns with sufficient protection, as pawn move can never be withdrawn. We all know that if you are 2-3 pawns down than it's tough to win a chess match.

You don’t need to have excellent skills or anticipate 10 moves ahead to win chess games consistently. To win chess games you simply need to analyze the progress of the game by observing the opponent's moves. You need to remember that the result of the games can be decided by small mistakes.


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