Counter Strategies against White d4

Amazing Black Opening Counter Strategies against White D4 Opening Move to Win Chess Games...

In the chess game, opening moves take a vital role to gain access to the center of the chessboard. We all know if any player gains control of the center of the chessboard, the chances of winning eventually boost up for that player.

Regardless of any chess openings, Pawn to D4 and Pawn to c4 is the most popular chess opening known as the Queen's Gambit Opening. By this opening, a player will try to gain as much control as possible to control the whole chessboard later.

First of all, we need to understand the significance behind the chess move when white plays the Queen's Pawn to D4 opening. As getting a slide advantage of playing first white will try to gain control.

So the main moves after Pawn to D4 will be Pawn to C4, then Knight to C3, and then Pawn to E4. Please pay proper attention to the move order. By playing Queen's Pawn to D4 and Pawn to C4 white not only attacks the center but also freezes up the diagonal for the Queen. After that, the Knight moved to C3 to defend the important E4 square, and finally white will go for Pawn to E4.

Here are a few opening counter strategies you can play as Black to reach a good position in the game and ultimately increase your chances of winning the game.

The opening counter-strategies are as follows,

  1. Nimzo Indian Defense: After white playing Pawn to D4 the most preferred move is to play Knight to F6 to wait and see what white dose before committing any other piece fully forward. As I mentioned earlier, white will push Pawn to C4. After that, we will play Pawn to E3 preparing for Pawn to D5 and at the same time open diagonal for the Bishop's possible move. So if the White moved the Knight to C3 we can simply pin it by playing Bishop to B4. By playing this move we can indirectly control the E4 square as the Knight can't move because the Bishop can simply pin the King. 

  2. Queen's Indian Defense: Many top-level players will play a different move for the Nimzo Indian Defense counter. After you are playing Queen's Pawn to D4 and Pawn to C4 white will go for Knight to F3 instead of Knight to C3 and that is why it's called the Anti-Nimzo Indian Defense. Here as black should play Pawn to B6. So you can Play Bishop to B6 to attack along the long open diagonal to Knight to F3 piece. Otherwise, bring the Bishop to B6 and put the pressure on C4 Pawn and play Bishop to B4 with the other Bishop to put additional pressure on the Queen's side pieces.
  1. Bogo-Indian Defense: You can play Bishop to B4 directly if white going for Anti-Nimzo Indian Defense. Bishop to B4 is a straight forward Check to the King. If the White blocks it by Bishop to B2 you can simply defend your Bishop by Queen to E7 or Pawn to A5. 

  2. King's Indian Defense: After Queen's Pawn to D4 and Pawn to C4 and we are playing Knight to F6, we can also go for Pawn to G6. White goes for Knight C3 and we will play Bishop G7. White will play Pawn to E4 and take the center and finally, we will play Pawn to D6. If you evaluate this position even though White has gained the center position, Black has the lead in piece development. As Black, your strategy should be a castle on the King's side pieces and then go for Pawn to E5 and Pawn to C5 depending on how White plays.
  1. Grunfeld Defense: After Queen's Pawn to D4 and Pawn to C4 and we are playing Knight to F6 and Pawn to G6. After White playing Knight to C3, we will play Pawn to D5. The main idea behind that is to give up the center to White's Pawns and then attack it later with minor pieces. The main point of attack is the D4 square. Black will go all out to break the center.
  2. Benoni Defense: After Queen's Pawn to D4 and Pawn to C4 and we are playing Knight to F6, we will play Pawn to C5. If White pin the C5 he will lose the center control on the other hand it is hard to be on that position. Most of the time White plays Pawn to D5.
  1. Queen's Gambit Declined (QGD Opening): White playing Queen's Pawn to D4, we will play Pawn to D5. The Pawn to C4 as the orthodox Queen's Gambit and we will play Pawn to E6 to decline the Gambit. If White tries to take your D5 you will simply take back that Pawn to control the central Squires. If White doesn't take your Pawn, Your main aim should develop your pieces towards the center and stop White from gaining momentum.
  2. Semi-Slav Defense: White playing Queen's Pawn to D4, we will play Pawn to D5. White will play the Pawn to C4, Instead of defending with Pawn to E6, we can Go for Pawn to C6. White will go for Knight F3 and you can go with Knight to F6. White will play Knight C3, you can play Pawn to E6. As black, most of your immediate action is going to happen in the Queen's Side.

If you have noticed all the moves then you will understand if the opponent achieved all the moves then as black it will become very much difficult to win the game.

That's why we must play those strong counter opening moves to block white from gaining a huge advantage in the early part of the game. 

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