We put our best foot forward in order to organize a survey to get feedback from chess players like you. It's for understand your preferences based on your chess knowledge and needs.


I hope you liked my latest chess course “7 Keys to Victory”, which was released about 10 days ago. If you haven’t studied it yet, I recommend that you do so. Now we’re moving ahead – we are planning to create a new chess course with our new guest coach IM Mateusz Kolosowski.



Mateusz Kolosowski is an International Master from Poland. He has a FIDE standard rating of 2448 and a blitz rating of 2511. He repeatedly competed in the finals of the Polish Junior Championships in various age categories. In 2010, in Karpacz, he won the title of runner-up of Poland. In the same year he represented the national colors of the Junior European Championships held in Batumi, taking the 5th place!



I hope you remember the instructive video lesson he has prepared about a brilliant game from Spassky, on the topic of attacking a king in the center. If you missed it, you can watch it here.


What Are Your Needs?



Before we create a course with IM Mat, we would like to know what your needs are –what you would like this course to be about, or what areas you think you should improve. That’s why, we’re conducting a survey.


The survey has only a few questions and you can finish it within 5-10 minutes. We’re also providing you with an opportunity to share your chess games with us. Please, take this survey and let us know what you want from us –because YOUR OPINION matters a lot in order for us to provide the best content.


As a token of thanks for your participation, you will get a gift –a PDF summary of the video lesson “4 Principles to Attack a King in the Center” by IM Mat! Thanks beforehand.


Feel free to participate in the survey here.


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