In this category you can find chess courses which will help you to think in chess. We cannot categorize these courses in the opening, middlegame or endgame because if you follow these rules they will help you to play better in all other stages of the game. More specifically you will learn how to think in chess, which is extremely important.



The endgame he's a very difficult part of the game because the chess literature is not very developed as in the opening or middlegame. The majority of players have problems here because they don't know how to start study the endgame. In reality you should start from the pawn endings which are difficult. In this category you can find endgame courses which I explain very detailed how to play in this part of the game. Study the courses and become better chess player.

Free Material

If you like to be better at chess then you need to study the lessons from a very experienced chess trainer. I created these interactive courses with videos in order to understand the theory and then I added the practical part in order to test your skills end learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge into your practical games. You can download these courses for free.

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Free Material Angelos Kesaris


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Middlegame Strategy


The middlegame is the most important part of the chess game. Actually after the ten first moves you will have all of options available. Good players know how to find and execute a plan, find tactical blows, prepare a successful attack against the enemy king, or make correct exchanges in order to transpose the game into the endgame. If you would like to be successful as well then you study the middle game courses.

Opening Systems


The first moves of the chess game are very important. Almost all of the opening in our date have their own name and analyzed deeply for hundreds of years. The best players know exactly which plans to follow in order to equalize the position or to obtain some advantage. If you like to begin your game perfectly then you should study one or all of these opening systems.