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Chess Strategy Breakthrough: Makogonov's Rule & the 50% Mistake Fix
Angelo Kesaris
IntroductionAre you ready to elevate your chess strategy and gain a tactical edge that's been used by the masters? In this article, we're delving into the remarkable concept known as Makogonov's Rule, a strategic principle that promises to revolutionize your gameplay. Named after its creator, Grandmaster Vladimir Makogonov, this rule has the p...
Mastering the Italian Game: A Journey Through Centuries of Strategy
Angelo Kesaris
 The Italian Game stands as one of the oldest recorded chess openings. Its roots trace back to historical manuscripts like the Göttingen manuscript. Chess luminaries of the 16th century, including players like Damiano and Polerio, as well as Greco in 1620, shaped its evolution. Greco is credited with solidifying its central line. This timeless...
Exploring the Traxler Counterattack Chess Opening Variation
Angelo Kesaris
The Traxler counter-attack stands as a widely used defensive opening. Moreover, it ranks among the top aggressive choices for Black, while White is content with employing the Italian game. The Traxler counter-attack primarily arises from the Two Knights Defense employed by Black, after White seeks to transition the game into an Italian game. Black ...
Vienna Gambit Demystified: A Winning Strategy
Angelo Kesaris
In this lesson, we'll explore a highly aggressive opening for White. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, the Vienna Opening offers an exciting choice.Let's start by focusing on the Vienna Game, following these moves:1. e4 e52. Nc3 f4.It's possible to transition from the Bishop's Opening into the Vienna Game. However, I don'...

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