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Complete Guide To Scandinavian Defense

The most aggressive first move of white is 1.e4. If Blacks don't know what to do exactly against it, then they will face many problems…

How To Play Caro-Kann Defense

Chess Openings | Caro-Kann Defense | Besic Ideas And Tactis Are Explained
The Frive Liver Attack is and entertaining chess opening and usually Black should avoid that. We can find that opening in... 
Continuing the successful strategy on how to improve in chess I prepared another interesting quiz for you. From now on...
Sicilian Defense is the most aggressive and the most popular opening choise against the first move 1.e4. If you would like to improve your chess then you should know how to deal with it.
At some point in time, all chess players were amateurs to understand that whenever a grandmasters level player makes a move, they are playing every move after winning and losing so many games.