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First things first I would like to thank you for visiting the Rules Chess Strategies website. If you want to become better at chess, then this place is right for you.

Why Become a Member Of Rules Chess Strategies?

You can become a member for free of charge on the Rules Chess Strategies website, to enjoy unique and fantastic privileges such as:

  1. Access to free courses
  2. A free electronic chess book
  3. Short series "Learn, Play, Win"
  4. Course "Newbie-500"
  5. Be first to know the news
  6. Quick answers to your questions
  7. Be first in learning the great offers and opportunities
  8. Four extra chess lessons
  9. Access to the "grade yourself" tests
What Are The Free Lessons?

a) Improvement in chess

There are different types of free courses on the site that will cater to the needs of even the most demanding members. First of all, you can find for free the e-book I have made for you which is called "Chess Improvement". This is a free e-book in PDF format, which means you can download it as well as read it on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is the first gift made through the website so that someone can give his mail and receive future notifications. While you, a member of the page, can download it. You will be able to access the additional special menu called "profile" and from there you can see this e-book as well.

b) Learn, Play, Win

This is the second free gift on the website; it's a series of free video chess lessons. It is a small course that I made many years ago but I have recently renewed it, in 2020. The duration of the courses is more than an hour and a half; the included lessons are:

  • Lesson 01 Traps in the opening
  • Lesson 02 Amazing attacks
  • Lesson 03 Tactical puzzles
  • Lesson 04 The biggest mistakes

The first lesson is everyone's favorite since there are many different traps at the beginning of the game, ie at the opening. With these traps you can beat your opponents very quickly but knowing them you will avoid short defeats. So the first lesson is very important for your improvement in chess. These lessons are not for the novice chess player. So I tried to make gifts for the whole range of chess players, whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced in the chess ladder.

The attack in chess is a key lesson. So in the second part of the free mini course "Learn, Play, Win", you will learn how to attack using the games and techniques of top players in the world.

Another important lesson is the tactical blow. Your mind should be kept sharp so that it can find and avoid regular tactics. A tactical blow, ie a trick or a technique to win the opponent's pieces, can bring the game upside down. Most games of amateur chess are judged by mistakes or by a tactical shot. So in this lesson we will learn some basic tactics which you can use immediately after the lesson in your own personal games.

The last lesson is quite fun, as it presents numerous mistakes that even the top chess players in the world have made. These chess players have overlooked checkmate in one move (!) or just a tactical trick. You can see the games I have prepared for you to understand that even the chess elite makes mistakes. So you should not be disappointed if you make mistakes yourself, but you will boost your confidence and will begin to believe that at some point you will be able to punish your opponents for their mistakes. Of course in future free lessons I will tell you how to avoid chess mistakes; so keep reading below.

c) Newbie-500

What someone expects from a chess website? Of course to learn the basics and how to play chess. So the the introductory lessons could not missed here. Those of you who know me from YouTube know that since 2010 I have been making various free educational videos. In many of them I had talked about the initial moves of the pieces. So I decided to make a complete course, which is completely free for you, in which you will learn how to play chess and what are the basic rules in order to start a game succesfully. This course is called Newbie-500. I think the title is typical and 500 means 500 ELO points. ELO is a rating system in chess that describes how well we play. In the course I analyze it thoroughly, so you can learn more there. Through this free course you can learn all the basics of chess and I will show you the free tools you can use online like the LiChess chess platform.

The Free LiChess Platform

I believe that every person should have the opportunity to learn chess as well as be able to play. I like the philosophy of LiChess, an online chess platform based on open source supported by volunteers and donations. Open source means that anyone can see how the website works and contribute to it if you can. For example, open source operating systems are Linux; however, Windows, which we widely use in our computers, is closed source, ie no one knows how they work, if they monitor the movements, user's clicks, if they collect statistics for advertising goods, etc ...

LiChess has grown in popularity and has reached one of the leading online gaming platforms. This of course has shut down other online platforms like ChessCube. It has also hit other companies like Chessbase, chess.com, chess24, Internet Chess Club (ICC), etc. Today, Lichess users play more than one million games every day and it remains 100% free. You will not find any ads on it so it makes it suitable even for children. Of course, they sell promotional t-shirts or ask for donations from users; which makes sense for the platform to stay alive online.

Can LiChess teach me chess?

Certainly there are many useful tools within the platform. For example, you can analyze your recently played games with the help of a computer. Browse the large database of games played on the platform as well as use the opening tool to see the starting opening moves. Finally you can use the category to solve tactical puzzles which is free. You can solve as many as you want; this does not happen on other websites that have them locked. So surely this free platform can help you take a few chess steps and learn some things.

Why Did I Create My Own Free Lessons?

At this point you will surely wonder why did you create your own lessons Angelos? There are other good free lessons out there. The LiChess Online chess platform is a great working tool for both coaches and young chess players; no one can dispute that. On the other hand, I think that their examples are very short and could be analyzed much more. So I decided to take video tutorials that explains exactly how to use the platform. This happened only for the first Training program Newbie-500 in which you can learn the moves of the pieces. In those videos I have explained many more things about the peculiarities of the pieces using my vast experience in teaching the moves.

The truth is that I wish I had built my own platform within the Rules Chess Strategies website so that I could set my own examples. The cost to do this is about 3000 to 5000 euros. But I decided to give priority to other things, that is, to make more lessons in the Training Program. Of course, I still have the vision to implement similar features on the page so that you can solve exercises in a fun way. To do this work requires not only the budget, but personal care, proper guidance of developers, finding and eliminating bugs, as well as enough time to go through the examples.

The LiChess Coaches

Even LiChess itself through the page description it tells you that learing chess requires a coaches; so they advertises them on the page. You can read the relevant category by clicking here.(https://lichess.org/about)

The examples for the tactical puzzles are collected by user's games. They use a special program to do that. For sure it's pretty fun way to train in chess, but it will not help you become a better player. The problem is that these tactics are not explained but simply presented. So if you know of a tactical motive, for example the double attack, then it is very nice to go to the LiChess page and apply it. But, you need firstly learn more advanced tactical motives thgouht my Chess Training program and then go again to LiChess and train yourself.

The Joy Of The Coach

At this point please allow me to share a personal experience with you. In 2018 I played in the open championship in Nikaia Athens; a strong tournament that gathers good players. In the ninth and final round I faced a young player who on paper had much less ELO than mine. I tried to attack him but he successfully defended, took the initiative and finally beat me. He kindly asked me to analyze the game and of course I accepted. As we were analyzing he told me that he had learned the moves from me by watching a video of my YouTube channel; what a joy! It is very nice to meet people all the time and hear good things about the lessons I have done. The following year he riched his pick ELO, by 1910 points.

So my lessons can help you build a strong base with chess foundations and keep improving your skills throughout your life.

The 4 Extra Lessons

In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, I have made for you four special lessons which you can not find in public because I only give them to the new subscribers of the website.

How To Avoid Chess Mistakes

This is a very important lesson, which will help you boost your chess performance. I'll present you the bet I made with a friend of mine and I finally won it. I also give you very important ideas on how to increase your chess ELO rapidly. You will learn techniques that are used by many players in the world successfully. So you can become a member of this successful Club by starting to win more and more games.

Time Management

This is a wide and important topic, but we will focus on chess. There are three different official versions of games; Each individual category requires a different approach and of course proper time management. In this lesson you will learn how to use your time properly, having an advantage over your opponents.

How To Deal With Gambits

Gambit in chess is a pawn sacrifice; usually done in exchange for something else. That is, one can sacrifice a pawn at the beginning of the game for better development. The word is of Italian origin and means human calf, that is, it is like someone trying to tripping up us. Gambites are especially popular with all levels and extremely dangerous when playing blitz online games. So in this lesson I will reveal to you what you should do against them in order to increase your chess success.

The most famous gambit in the world is the Queen Gabit thanks to the the omonymus successful movie series. White from their second move try to sacrifice a pawn, in order to prevail in the center. Because the gambit pawn from the queenside teritory, the system is called the Queen's gambit. As you may have guessed, there is a King's gambit because it is made from the Kingside.

The Rules In Chess

The last awesome lesson I have prepared for you is about the rules of chess. Here we will examin a very important difference between middlegame and endgame rules. It took me several years to understand the ideas that I will reveal to you in this lesson. So in a few minutes you can get all the hard work I have done for years; lucky you.

Rate Yourself In Chess

As I mentioned above, I have made a specially designed Chess Training Program for you. You can search the internet and usually find independent courses that talk about interesting things, but it is extremely difficult to find a complete program that will start you from the beginning and reach you to a top level. This is one of the strong points of this website. While most divide the courses into beginners, intermediate, and advanced, I have personally gone one step further and categorized them on a scale of 100 points; from 500 to 2000+.

The next step was to make special tests for you that will help find your level. In my opinion, the rating of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) is extremely objective. However, a player may know some things and not have played official games. So his real ELO could be higher compared to his official FIDE rating. This is why I created a specially designed page for you in which you can find approximately which Chess Training Program is suitable for you to progress in chess.

While a visitor can only see the first quizzes, members can access all quizzes for free. You can see them by clicking here.


Let's look again briefly what are the main reasons to register on the Rules Chess Strategies:

  1. Access to free courses
  2. A free electronic chess book
  3. Short series "Learn, Play, Win"
  4. Course "Newbie-500"
  5. Be first to know the news
  6. Quick answers to your questions
  7. Be first in learning the great offers and opportunities
  8. Four extra chess lessons
  9. Access to the "grade yourself" tests
How to register

Registration on the website is free and quite easy. The only thing you have to do is to fill in some of your details which are your username, email address, and confirmation code. In addition to the necessary information please fill in your first, and last name and date of birth. The date of birth is important because we want to send you personal wishes for your celebration; because here we are interested in you and your progress.

Extra fields such as city, country, and "about me" are not necessary because they do not have a special star next to them. So you can choose whether to put something there or not. Please remember that you can change your account information later through the website and configure your profile according to your needs and requirements.

A very important addition is that you can now subscribe to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Registration as well as access to the page has never been easier.

Take the right step today

Knowing all the above reasons to become a member of the Rules Chess Strategies you should now make the decision and register for free. This is a very important step in your life because I can help you become better at chess, solve the problems you face today, and through my experience show you the way to make rapid progress in this wonderful game. 

Stay Informed

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