Detailed Chess Analysis on Open Game | 1.e4-e5

1.e4-e5 Detailed Chess Analysis on Open Game | 1.e4-e5

One of the most popular first moves is 1. e4; King's Pawn Opening. The other most popular move is 1.d4. The idea is simple; to liberate the pieces as soon as possible. Indeed, it is liberating simultaneously the Queen and Bishop.

Defiantly, 1.e4 is the best move to start the game if you are a club-level player (800 up to 2000 FIDE rating). You can create direct attacks and use your tactical abilities. The 11th World Champion GM Bobby Fischer called it "the best by test."

Is it the best? We should not be 100% sure but it's defiantly one of the best moves. You can develop your pieces easily, you should learn 1.e4 before 1.d4 but you are not preventing your opponent to develop his pieces. In modern chess, and for players above 2000 ELO FIDE rating, it's very important to harm your opponent's development.

Black has some main ways to replay against 1.e4. The basic strategies are two. The first is to stop the d4 move by White and in the same time try to speed up his development; as 1...e5. The second strategy is to attack the 1.e4 pawn, like French, Scandinavian, or Caro Kann. In this particular article we'll see how to play 1...e5; which is called an Open Game or Double King's Pawn Opening.

The main idea of 1...e5 is to take equal space in the center of the board, control d4 square, and build his pieces behind the important e5 pawn. It is a very principal opening and before start attacking like crazy Black would like to finalize his development. It is one of the most solid systems and it's not so easy for White to break it. It is a fantastic weapon for professional and serious chess players.

The drawback is that isn't giving high chance to complicate the game and play for the win. This doesn't mean that you don't have some super-aggressive lines. In general, you can get positions in which your pieces will be nicely placed and they will have cool coordination. 

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