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Do you want to stop losing chess games and have the feeling of every chess position? Usually chess players complain for their unstable results and sudden loses. This will no longer concerns you because here is the solution to the problem! I'm talking about a Chess Training Program that will help you to archive your goals and be succesful with chess.

This is a continuation from the previous Chess Training Program, "A Complete Chess Guide From Beginner To Intermediate Player" , in which we talked about the center of the board, basic tactics and endgame techniques. Now we move forward by discussing more advance chess strategies. 

Is This Chess Program What I Need?

In general the program is suitable for 1200-1400 FIDE ELO players or 1300-1800 online rating (LiChess or Similalry, I suggest you to take a look at course content. The lessons are adressed to intermediate level of students.

Are There Any Course Requirements or Prerequisites?

Studied my courses:

  • Newbie 500 // The Easiest Way To Learn Chess
  • Novice 800 (Beginner) // How To Develop Your Chess Skills Easily
  • Rookie-1000 (Beginner) // Everything You Need To Know About Chess Fundamentals
  • Beginner 1100 (Beginner) // How To Stop Blunders And Increase Your Chess Rating
  • Elementary 1200 (Beginner) // A Complete Chess Guide From Beginner To Intermediate Player
  • Your thinking cap!

 Why This Course Created?

 You have access to various chess ideas and materials for free online. However, all this stuff is for beginner players mainly. There are other important ideas that really help you build your chess game and improve your results and this is why I decided to create these lessons.

 Course Description

More specifically you'll understand what is a chess weakness, how to find and you to play against it. This is extremely important strategical idea that will make you chess play solid and will give you a direct plan.

In the previous chess program we talked about the center of the board, the first important element of the pawn structure. Here we'll continue discussing the pawn structure and we'll see the isolated, backward, and double pawns. You can see theoretical lessons on how to play against and with these pawns.

Tactics are always important because they will help you win material or boost your strategical plan. In previous courses we seen a lot of basic tactics in order to understand the mechanisms. From now on we'll see more advance ideas and tactics that will usually appear on the games. During your games you need to "create" the tactic. For example to sacrifice material, temporarily, in order to create a double attack. There are a lot of interesting tactics like Luring and Double Attack, Magnet-Decoy, the Mill, and many more.

Last but not least we'll examine a lot of important endgame ideas. You can improve your knowledge on rook endgames. Rook endgames are the most frequently seen in practice because the rooks, usually, developed late to the game and for that reason they have more possibilities to stay on the board till the end of the game.

 Is Your Chess Training Program Different?

Yeap, I'm proud to say that it's different with other video chess courses or books because you can find two key differences. The first one is the typical mistakes on the particular level. This is extremely important because you need to understand those mistakes and stop making them in your games. Similarly, when your opponent make such a mistake you'll be able to recognize it.

The second idea is the visualization program. Please let me explain it. By far the most important skill in chess is calculation of the variations. However, calculation is a very big, and broad subject. You cannot learn it by solving tactical puzzles. You cannot improve it only with strategical exercises. You need a lot of small elements that will help you step by step calculating better and better. One of these elements, maybe the most important, is visualization skills. You need to image, see, the moves on your head without moving the pieces on the board. If you followed my Chess Training Programs from the beginning you'll be able to foreseen many moves ahead .

 Can I see the curriculum?

Yes you can see the detailed course curriculum by clicking below.

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