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 In this article, I'd like to talk to you about one of the leading e-learning companies, Modern Chess. Modern Chess is a digital learning platform, founded by the Bulgarian grandmasters Grigor Grigorov and Petar Arnaudov.

In my personal opinion, they do create fantastic lessons that can help students improve themselves. They have different levels of premium plans and you can choose your favorite. By subscribing to their paid plans you can get access to all of their released chess magazines so far.

You can find the strategic and visualization boosters which are organized very nicely. Some elements there are completely free and you can try them.

They create regularly online camps with very strong grandmasters such as Pavel Eljanov, Boris Avrukh, Michael Roiz, Mihail Marin, Kiril Georgiev, Daniel Naroditsky, and the Greek player Ioannis Papaioannou.

New collaboration

I'm very happy to announce a new collaboration with this company. To celebrate that we have a special discount coupon that you can use to get 45% OFF of their products. The name of the coupon is:


Please click here and find the link to their website and you can search for a suitable course. Don't miss this cool opportunity that can help you improve your chess understring and results.

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