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Key Secret Tips and Methods for Successful Chess Attacks

Key Secret  Tips and Methods for Successful Chess Attacks

"I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works best!"

Let's analyze why attack in chess is so important and how can you improve this skill successfully. Above you can read the quote of the legendary Grandmaster Garry Kasparov! He is one of the best attacking players of all time who manage to motivate and inspire thousand of other people.

The essence of the game is to checkmate the opponent king. To achieve our primary goal we must create an attack. The tactical blows exists in positions which the opponent already committed a mistake. Similalry, in order to create or find tactical shots we must have a superior position or more threats comparing to our opponent.

Main Goal: In this article you're going to learn what the attack is and how to created with all of your pieces.

Golas of the Article:

  • Learn how to start an attack
  • Learn when to start an attack
  • Learn how to place your pieces at the attack

Learning How to Attack with Angelo Kesaris

 A Basic and Fundamental Knowledge

Knowing the chess combinations and tactics you already enjoy an important and exciting element of chess! An element of creation and ingenuity. There are many examples, studies and puzzles on this topic.

All combinations are based on four key elements. The check, double attack, the pin and unprotected pieces. You need to perfection your technique at these four elements and always search for them into your games. There will always be there! So you should grab the chance if you have the opportunity and in the other hand to avoid them if your opponent try to perform them on you.

Very ofter we can see such tactics to take place at the beginner's games; thanks to the lack of cooperation between their pieces. As much as you play as better you'll learn them and be able to apply them into your practical games.

 The Next Chess Level

The next chess step is to understand the element of attack. Why are we attacking? How do we attack? When do we start an attack? The most important element in chess is the cooperation your pieces. You will improve significantly your abilities if you learn how to attack.

Attack is also one of the most exciting elements in chess. The majority of chess players like to attack; only few want to defend themselves.

There are many different types of attack:

  1. Attack against the king.
  2. Attack against a piece.
  3. Attack against a pawn.
  4. Attack against a square.
  5. There are other types of attacks that I do not want to mention here in order not to confuse you.

The most exciting type of the attack is the first; attack against the opponent King. Any level of players like to attack the enemy King.

The 6 Legendary KING WALKS in Chess HistoryEnter heading here...

 Why are we attacking?

First things first, let me ask you this. What is the purpose of the game? Of course to checkmate, to trap the rival King. How can we do that? Just by attacking him! This is the main reason why the attack against the enemy King is so popular between chess players. Deep down we all want to win chess games, don't we?

How can we attack?

There are two basic ways to attack chess.

  1. With our pieces.
  2. With our pawns.

Please pay attention that I said with our pieces; not with the piece or a very specific piece. Similary, you need to notice that mentioned the attack with the pieces first. All pieces are stronger comparing to the pawns. Thus, the attack with the pieces is more powerful than with pawns. During your games you need to search how can you attack with the pieces first!

Chess Strategy: How to Attack Successfully

 When do we start an attack?

A very common mistake that chess players make, and not just beginners, is that they start attacking from very early opening. In the opening we should develop, in the middlegame we need to attack, and at endgame we need to promote pawn into a new queen. How is it possible to start an attack if we have not developed all our pieces? In order to have a succesful attack you must have active pieces. The activity (well-developed) pieces can give you right to attack.

The Attack Takes Place in the Middlegame

Last but not least, when attacking it is very important bring the strongest pieces into the attack, ie the Queen or the Rooks. Bring the Queen in the "penalty area", ie close to the enemy King.

Chess Tips: How To Attack The Enemy King

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