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I guess that you know it already that some players can beat you easily, and some times you may have the feeling that the other person didn't think for a single move! This happened because at some point in his life he/she trained hard or someone stronger player taught him/her the ideas.

I guess, especially if you're looking for a personal chess coach online, you have this great uncertainty about yourself; you are not sure and confident about your chess skills. Don't worry and remember:

“Every chess master was once a beginner.”

Irving Chernev

I created this step guide in order to help you how to make an online chess training, what to expect, what to ask, and how much it will cost you.

There are plenty of interesting and good websites online. Usually, they will have advertisements or paid products. This is normal because the website has operating expenses. The majority of them are providing some free material with the ultimate goal to promote their paid work. There are many people out there hunting free materials. There is no need to collect every single free material of a website but you can use it in order to understand his teaching styling.

1. YouTube

01 YT 

Of course, the number one on the list is YouTube; hopefully, you know it already. Probably it is the best platform for someone to advertise his work. The creator, the person who produces the content, can advertise his products, become more popular, and make money from the advertisements.

The student, you, can learn some cool things, entertain himself, and hopefully improve a little his chess skills. The problem is that the materials are approximately the same; the topics of the videos are talking about the same things. For example, I'm not going to explain a very didactically middlegame strategy but definitely, I'll create a video on a trap or how to win quickly.

I hope that you already know my chess YouTube Chanel | Check it out!

2. Learn the Basics


Believe it or not, the most important and difficult part of the chess theory is not to teach the very basics to people. Chess is very popular, you can see it almost everywhere, you can see it in movies, maybe some of your friends may talk about it... Nonetheless, not all people start at the same age. For that reason, it's very difficult to find the right formula on how to explain something in detail that be understandable to a kid, and at the same time not be boring to an adult.

If you don't know the basics then I strongly suggest you study my free course “Newbie-500” | click here.

Of course, you have other options like:

  • wikipedia //
  • Lichess //
  • Chss com //

3. Solve Chess Puzzles


Yes, it's very funny and entertaining to solve chess puzzles. Indeed they can defiantly help you and improve your tactical vision. In order to see an improvement in your games, you may solve approximately 500 to 600 puzzles.

Many websites are providing puzzles according to your rating or solving abilities. Usually, they are game-zones, websites that aloud users to play chess online. Probably, they use some kind of program and compose random tactical puzzles from the games that are played in their servers.

The negative side is that they are not teaching you the tactical mechanism and they are not very well organized in categories.

Nonetheless, if you like to test your tactical skills and already know the basic and more advanced tactical motives you can keep practicing. I selected some of them below:

  • Lichess //
  • Chess com //
  • Chess base //

4. Learn Openings


I mentioned it above, on YouTube, that the majority of free openings online are ultra-aggressive or just trap ideas. There is nothing wrong with aggressive openings and gambits (when you sacrifice a pawn in the opening) I like them a lot. However, if you like to improve your chess and raise up your level then you need to play the main lines.

Similarly, you need to build your opening repertoire. By opening repertoire I mean knowing how to respond in all of the opponent's moves, like against 1.e4, 1.d4, 1.c4 etc. In the same way, you need to learn the connections between the openings and the main transpositions; this is something that you'll not be going to learn on the Internet for free...

Learn Openings

I suggest you take a look at:

  • Wikipedia |
  • Lichess //
  • The book “Modern Chess Opening Theory” by A. S. Suetin | This is a nice book if you like to learn the basics of all openings.

5. Game-zones


You can play chess in many different places online. Having so many game zones means that many people play chess! Every server has its pros and cons, so you're welcome to test them all. Usually, you just need to create a simple account, but you can play without it as well. I selected some of them:


Personally, I suggest the lichess, because it's totally free, it will not ask for your money, you'll not going to see advertisements and it will not try to sell you anything. Similarly, it is translated into many different countries. It is one of the most popular websites; it is not the most popular.

6. On-line coaches


Probably this is not very relevant to the article “free materials” but in any case, I'd like to add it here in order to understand what are your options. There are big lists with coaches that odder their services. For example:


The prices for coaches are proximate with his chess title or ELO points; for example:

  1. Grandmaster = 30-50 Euro / hour
  2. International Master = 20-40 Euro / hour
  3. Fide Master = 15-30 Euro / hour
  4. 2000 = 10-25 Euro / hour

 Create Chess Games | PGN

What the PGN is

Chess moves can be written in "machine language" or in computer language. Thus, chess games can be written in Portable Game Notation. If we get the initial letters from this sentence, then we have the original PGNs.


How Can I Create a PGN Game?

You can do it offline with a chess program. There are many of them like ChessBase reader light, chess compo, arena chess, etc. Some of them are paid and some are free; you are most welcome to investigate it.

On the other hand, online services had improved a lot. Plenty of websites offer you the option to create a PGN game. Once again I selected the lichess because it's totally free and translated to many different languages.



Here is the link to their page | click here.

In order to create successfully a PGN game, you need to go to lichess // learn // study // create a new study // click in the top right corner the green plus icon.


  1. Create PGN files
    1. In your desktop computer
      1. Chessbase light
      2. Combo chess
    2. In your mobile
      1. Download the application “Analyze this”
    3. Online
      1. Lichess // Study


70% vs 30%

I strongly believe that if you have the right training material and put in some effort should be able to increase your ELO point and chess strength by 100 points every year.

If you are looking for fast improvements and other marketing tricks then I'm sorry this page is not for you. I embrace Arnold Schwarzenegger's opinion "There are no magic pills "!

If you are looking for a comprehensive training program that leaves no holes and blank points; then you can continue reading.


The Training Program

01 Newbie

This is the first and the most important training program because you will learn about the moves, and the chess game, and you'll set your chess goals. Read More Here.

02 Novice en

In the second training session, you will learn all the special chess moves, I introduced you to the first and most basic tactical motives, and how to capture your enemy pieces. Read More Here.

03 Rookie en

This training program is for chess players because you would learn the fundamentals of tactical motives and the basic checkmate pictures. Read More Here.

04 Beginner en

In this training program, you'll learn how to create tactical motives because your opponents are becoming stronger and they will not give you tactical opportunities. Similarly, you'll start to learn about strategy and how to use your pawns in chess. Read More Here.

05 Elementary en

The center of the board is extremely important and we'll study how to conquer it and how to use it. Similarly, you'll learn different ways how to fight against the enemy center. There are very important ideas here that will help you to play better at the opening and start learning the pawn structures. Read More Here.



Note: Before asking for a private lesson please read the FAQ by clicking here.

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