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05-Elementary Chess Training Course

“Modern chess is too much concerned with things like pawn structure. Forget it, checkmate ends the game.” Thease are the words of …

… Nigel Short; one of the top Grandmasters, Vice-President of FIDE, and the first English player who played a World Chess Championship match against Garry Kasparov.

However, in order to learn the concreat pawnstucrures you need to understand the sitouation in the center of the board. I mean the 4 squares, e4, e5, d4, and d5. Do you know how to control them propertly and how to use your central control? On the contrary, specially if you play with the black pieces, you need to fight against the enemy center. There are a lot of different techniques in order to do that.

Tactics Are Very Important

To play good chess you need a strategic plan, know your ultimate goal, and understand the tactics, the concreate way to achive your goals. After knowing the basic tactics, the double attack, the pin, the mating motives etc, you need to improve your knowledge with the X-Ray, cross pin, skewer, intermidiate checks and threats. You can read randomly on indernet about these things but if you really like to understand and start using them into your chess games then you need clear illustrative examples for them and 10 games for practice your new knowledge.

The Chess Program

Lucky you, I already prepared this training chess program called “Elementary 1200”. It is a complete program with 1 year duration. If you study aproximately 1 lesson per week by spending 1-2 hours, then you can complete the program succesdully. Of course you can speed up your learning processes according to your free time. You can see the curiculum of this course by clicking here.

Please note: I already shared with you 9 good reasons to become member today; please read the article by clicking here : 9 Reasons To Become Member : and become a member with free of charge.

Is This Chess Program What I Need?

This program is address to players with aproximately 1200 FIDE elo; I mean for players who already participated at official chess tournaments and earn their clasical time control rating.

It is also suitable for players with online rating 1400 to 1500. For example if you have this rating on LiChess or then I think that this program is suitable for you and you'll going to lear a lof of new and intresting things.

Do You Have Lessons For Endgame?

Definatly, endgame is very important, an essential part of the game and without it we cannot improve at chess. Learing the basic endgames is like “cheating”; and I mean that these positions will never change. For example people can discover a new theoretical line or a strong novelty, so any opening can changed; but this is not happening with the endgames. If you have theoritically winning rook endgame position then you can win an amateur or the World Chess Champion.

The endgame lessons of this training program make me prood because I explaed to you in details on how to play them. Rook endgames are the most often occurred; because we usually develop our rooks late into the game. Unfortunately the theoritical books for endgame don't present these important topics in a friendly way and many players hate the endgames... If you belong on this catetogy then be sure that I'm going to help you love the endgames because I'm presenting the examples from the easiest to more difficult so an avarange person, not only the super talented, can understand everything easily and use these ideas to their games after watching the lessons.

Inside the course you'll learn how to fight with your rook against a pawn, it's more complicated than it look like. Then we'll examine the basic positions of Lutchena, Philidor, and Vancura; positions that even strong players failed to play correctly. Last but not least we'll see how to play propertly with your rook against 2 passed pawns, even more complicated comparing to rook vs pawn.

What Are The Common Errors For This Level

A lot of people around the world are searching for a personal coach; and you can easily undrstand it by searching online. You can find uncoundless people who are offering private chess lessons; and this is logical because a lot of people are searching them!

I am an active trainer, you can see more information for me here. The first thing that every good chess coach do is to ask for your current chess games; especially the games that you lost. This is very logical because the chess coach would like to see your current level and find your mistakes.

Eliminating your chess errors you can improve your self and play better!

I have teached chess for 15 years so I saw plethora of chess games. People of the same level make similar or aproximately similar errors. Hence, inside every training chess program I added some common errors. Recently I studied some games of a friend of mine who has aproxiamately 1450 blitz elo at LiChess. One of his key weaknesses is the hope chess; he is hopping that his opponents will make a mistake. Thus, I explained to you why this is happening and I gave a lot of tips on how to avoid this clasical error.

How To Evaluate A Position Propertly

This is another very important topic. Evaluation is extreley important; we need to be objectively and accurate. Knowing the situation on the board help you to find your future plan, attack or defend. Of course it's important to know the value of the pieces and count how many pieces each side has on the board but this is not the only thing. I prepared a seperate lesson for you explaing how to evluate the position comparing the situation on the center of the board. Yeap, you can find 10 illustartive examples on this perticulat theoritical lesson, analyzed by me.

Can I find My Current Chess Level?

Francly speaking, FIDE rating is the most accurate way to find out your chess level. If you play online you should know that elo points are expended to 200 – 400 points above. For example, if you FIDE elo is 1200 then you can achive 1400-1500 online.

I prepared another system that could help you find your level. More spesifically it will help you understand your needs and which chess training program you should study in order to improve today. You can find the special page inside my website called “Who Are You”, by clicking here.

In this page you can find a lot of different puzzles. In each portion there are 10 questions in total and you have 10 minutes (maximum time) to reply them. For this training chess program you can click on number 5, the puzzle with the name “elementary 1200”. You can find it directly by clicking here.

Note: It's availabe only for website members. I'll repeat it again that you can become a member for free by clicking here.

When Is The Right Time To Resign

Last but not least, I'd like to discuss a very important topic. Resign at chess show your chess class, your chess level! Everybody will going to lose a game, from a begginer to the best player of the world. The differnce here is to know when is the right time to resing, do you know it?

Are you a “chess gradiator” who is resign only with a checkmate? Do you hope for a stealmate? Do you resign too early? I prepared a fantastic lesson for this explaing to you the situation. Inside that lesson I have my personal stories, good and bad things that happen to me. A lesson that you should now miss...

Question Of The Day

Do you want to improve at chess? If yes, do you study something at this period of time? If not then I'd like to suggect you, my brand new chess training program called “Elementary 1200”. You're welcome to click below, see the curiculum and learn more for the course.

  • 25 Videos | Duration 372 minutes
  • 20 exercises in PDF format for download
  • 1 final test

Elementary 1200

Sicilian Defense | Grand Prix Attack
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