Winning a "won game"

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Have you ever been in a situation where you know you are winning and all you have to do is get the full point of victory? But things in practice ...

... it is not so simple, because one of the most difficult tasks in a chess game is to win a won position.

At this point, it is important to clarify what is the won position. Undoubtedly a position can be considered won when we have a decisive, more, material advantage. For example, if we have an extra queen then we can easily win, right?

The psychology of chess

It must have happened to you that you did not manage to win a game or even worse and lose it! From such an event our self-confidence can be shaken, we will start not to believe so much in ourselves, and this will affect our future games as well.

But do not worry because this is a very common mistake that happens to all chess players. Once we realize that this is happening, then there is definitely a way to change it. To win a game we need to have good technical training; and the technique is something that is taught in chess and step by step we can improve it.

Very strong players can easily take advantage of some kind of advantage and either turn it into someone else or win.

Technique 1 | Exchange of pieces

The most powerful exploitation technique is the exchange of pieces. If we have a material advantage then by changing the other pieces we go to the final, in which the opponent will not have an easy counter-game and for that, we will be able to turn our wonderful one into a victory. In simple words, by exchanging his pieces, we lack, decrease, opponent's capabilities, and make our work much easier.

Technique 2 | Stop the threats

It makes sense for the opponent to have some very specific threats and that is why we should be interested in them in order to stop them. Threats can counter-attack the opponent and the position can boomerang.

Technique 3 | Position stabilization

Having an advantage, for example, material or positional, we need to stabilize our position by making it more compact. Our pieces should support each other so that one helps the other. A stable position gives the opponent less opportunity to get involved in the game and create problems.

Technique 4 | Enjoy it

The last and probably most important tip is to see a winning position as a pleasurable process. Having a winning position means that we will logically win and the weight will have to fall on our opponent in order to find good moves and not lose immediately. Take a closer look at your position and enjoy the good positions of your pieces; it is the right approach.

On the other hand, it would be wrong to be overwhelmed with negative emotions and think that we must necessarily win a better position. this creates more stress and only has negative effects. So the last technique is to focus on the good moves and not on the result.

Thus, it's important to understand tactics and strategies in order to play better. If you like to improve these ideas then I suggest you study the training chess program that I created for you “Novice 800”.

02 Novice box en

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Note: This is a year training program and if you follow it with consistency then you'll dramatically improve your game for the better!

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