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Chess Author: Kesaris Angelo
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General Information

Course description

Some say that chess is a form of art, while others argue it's all about science. Above all, however, chess is a game. Like every other game, chess offers feelings of joy, fun, fair play, and creativity. During these free lessons, you will learn more about this amazing game!

Give me 2 hours, and you will discover the key reasons behind chess's popularity. Then, you'll learn about the chessboard and how to read it. I have been explaining chess movements for over 20 years, making me an expert. Therefore, you can learn it in the easiest way possible. Take advantage of my rules and tips, and you'll remember all the moves after studying the videos. Last but not least, you can learn how to engage with enemy pieces and capture them.

There are many typical mistakes that people make when starting chess. Through my training experience, I have noticed them, and now I can confidently present them to you. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you improve rapidly. Many others have done it, so now it's your turn!

Why Was It Created?

Believe it or not, the most challenging aspect is convincing someone that chess is a great game! Helping them love it, even if they lose game after game... Persuading someone that a turtle can be "faster" than a rabbit! It requires patience and a comprehensive training program for consistent improvement.

Teaching chess is my profession. I encountered significant challenges in training beginners. Chess literature is not always helpful, as the majority of educational content is geared towards intermediate players. Over the last 15 years, I have developed my training program, and now you can study the first part of it for free! Don't miss this great opportunity and please subscribe to the lessons at no cost. I look forward to seeing you inside the lessons.


  1. Chess | Why Chess? | 03',45''
  2. Chess | Curriculum| 04',24''
  3. How was it Created? (Article)
  4. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Chessboard | 09',00''
  5. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Rook | 04',48''
  6. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Bishop | 04',30
  7. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Queen | 04',39
  8. Chess | Learn The Basics | The King | 01',25''
  9. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Knight | 06',26''
  10. Chess | Learn The Basics | The Pawn | 14',08''
  11. Capture | 15',24''
  12. Square Colors // 10 days training program on visualization (PDF)
  13. World Chess Champions | 09',25''
  14. ELO | Chess Rating System | 04',30''
  15. How to Find a Chess Club | 02',52''

Duration = 83 minutes

Author | Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach for the last 20 years and FIDE National Instructor. He is an active chess player with an International FIDE rating of 1900 ELO. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, online teaching, and chess course creator. You can read more here.

Note: This training program is FREE of charge!


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