What the PGN is

Chess moves can be written in "machine language" or in computer language. Thus, chess games can be written in Portable Game Notation. If we get the initial letters from this sentence, then we have the original PGNs.


How Can I Create a PGN Game?

You can do it offline with a chess program. There are many of them like ChessBase reader light, chess compo, arena chess, etc. Some of them are paid and some are free; you are most welcome to investigate it.

On the other hand, online services had improved a lot. Plenty of websites offer you the option to create a PGN game. Once again I selected the lichess because it's totally free and translated to many different languages.



Here is the link to their page | click here.

In order to create successfully a PGN game, you need to go to lichess // learn // study // create a new study // click in the top right corner the green plus icon.


  1. Create PGN files
    1. In your desktop computer
      1. Chessbase light
      2. Combo chess
    2. In your mobile
      1. Download the application “analyze this”
    3. Online
      1. Lichess // Study

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