70% vs 30%

I strongly believe that if you have the right training material and put some efforts should be able to increase your ELO point and chess strength by 100 points every year.

If you are looking for fast improvements and other marketing tricks then I'm sorry this page is not for you. I embrace Arnold Schwarzenegger's opinion "there are no magic pills "!

If you are looking for a comprehensive training program that leaves no holes and blank points; then you can continue reading.


The Training Program


Newbie 500

This is the first and the most important training program because you will learn about the moves, the chess game, and you'll set your chess goals.

Novice 800

In the second training session, you will learn all the special chess moves, I introduced you to the first and most basic tactical motives, and how to capture your enemy pieces.

Rookie 1000

This training program is for chess players because you would learn the fundamentals of tactical motives and the basic checkmate pictures.

Beginner 1100

In this training program, you'll learn how to create tactical motives because your opponents are becoming stronger and they will not give you tactical opportunities. Similarly, you'll start to learn about strategy and how to use your pawns in chess.

Elementary 1200

The center of the board is extremely important and we'll study how to concuare it and how to use it. Similalry, you'll learn diffent ways on how to fight against the enemy center. There are very important ideas here that will help you to play better at the opening and start learing the pawn structures.

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