The Chess Rules

There are plenty of chess rules for example:

  • Control the center of the board.
  • When ahead in material, force exchanges.
  • Secure your King early.
  • Try to keep your pawn structure intact.
  • When capturing with pawns, try to push your pawns to the center.
  • Etc...

Imidiately here comes a queastion and this is: What rule shall I apply first? So, asnwering your question I have to say that in order to find the right rule you should the chess thinking system. We already talk little about it during the time mamagment. You need to prioritize tasks; so you can prioritize rules. For example first you need to control the center and then to start an attack.

After that a new question may pop up. You might had seen a lot of strong players breaking the basic rules often; why does it happen? So during this lesson I'd like to reveal two very important ideas that can realy boost your chess forward. These are:

  1. 80-20
  2. The rules are opposite


Knowing a chess rule doesn't automatically make you strong player. Definitely it can improve your results and strength. You can apply chess rule approximately 8 times out of 10. For example it's good to have your pawn structure intact, but sometimes you can double them in order to open lines for the attack.

You should not move your pieces twice in the opening; it's a well knowen rule. Hower, some times you can do it as in the well known transposition from Taimanov to Sveshnikov Sicilian. You can see this example into the video lesson.

The rules are opposite

Another very well rule of thumb is to protect your king. You can do that by castling, am I right? However, you might notice that another rule said activate your king in the endgame. Can you recognize that these two rules are comflicting?

It took me many years to anderstand this idea; that middlegame rules are opposite to endgame rules! In the middlegame you should protcect your king because the risk to become checkmate is extremely hight. In the other hand, in the endgame usually the queens will be off the board so the king should be an active unit. He can help other pieces or support his friendly pawns.

Another rule says to capture towards to the center. This rule make sence to the middlegame because the center is important. However, in the endgame you should capture, when a pawn exchnage is posible, to the flank. This is normal because the outside passed pawns are much stronger to the central pawns; during the endgame the enemy king will have difficulties to stop them.

How to Build Up your Chess?

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