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Technical Things

+ - Can I save the video lessons?

You can see lessons online only. You have access for 1 year. After this period of time you can renew your subscription with 5 euro only. However, no one see the old lessons again, am I right?

In my lessons I suggest you to have a notebook; draging out the most important ideas of the lesson so you'll not need to see the video lesson again.

Please also notice that the PDF files are downlotable; so you can print them if you like.

+ - Which devices can I use to study your courses?

You can see the lessons from your desctop, tablet, or your mobile. The only things that you need is a blowser, like Chrome, and to log in on the website with your personal password.

+ - How can I join your mail list?

You can join the mail list, join our team, by downloading the free e-book “Improvement at chess”. Similalry, createing a free account on the website, by clicking here, will help you jump into the mail list.

+ - What will happen if I unsubscribe from the mail list?

Of course you can unsubscribe from the mail list at any time; our goal isn't to keep anyone here by force. By unsubscribing, logicaly speaking, you'll not interesting to be part of this website. Hence we'll delete your account as well; it's a website policy.

+ - What is the requirments for your courses?

One of the biggest advantages is that you can see the lessons online; which are in mp4 format. There are the tests in PDF format; however you can study them online. I suggest you a personal, simple, notebook to keep important imporfomation from the lessons.

+ - I hit a 404 error page; what shall I do?

First things first, I designed the 404 error page with this lovely blue girl; do you like it? You can see this page by clicking here.

It's normal to get a link that it's not working on internet. It could happen for various reasons. It could be a glitch, a temporarly error, or something went wrong. The page that I design can help you navigate back to the home page.

Before Purchase

+ - How long will it take to study your course?

Each training program like “Rookie-1000”, “Beginner 1100”, etc is a chess club yearly proogram. This is the training that we perform inside a chess club during the school year. Performing one lesson per week are aproximately 30-40 lessons per year.

Of course you can study the lesson with your own pace; according to your free time. However, I suggest you to trully understand one idea before move to the next one. If you study constently, 1 hour per week, then you'll be able to finilize the lesson after 6-8 months. Please remember that you'll have access for 1 year.

Similalry, there are other chess courses like openings or indivisoual lessons. Their duration is less, compering to the training programs but it doesn't mean that they are not comperhansive.

+ - Can I see a sample of your work?

Of course! The last decate, 2010-2020, I do video lessons on YouTube. From 2020 and after, the videos are exclusively on English.

You can download and study my free e-book called “Improvement at chess”.

Last but not least, you can study the free course called “Newbie-500”. In this one the movments of the pieces are mentioning and some other important things for chess. If you like these lessons, no matter if you know the moves or not, as well as the design and organization of the lessons, then I can assure you that you'll love the training program I prepare for you.

Please also notice that there is another free course, only for people who has an account inside the website, called “Learn, Play, Win”.

+ - Did you checked the lines with computer engine?

Of course I'm checking all the variarions and lines with computer engines like Rybka, Houdini, etc, in order to give you correct and objectively results.

+ - Are your courses available in different languages other than English?

Yes, for now it is in Greek. I'm planning to translate the into other languages as well. If you can help me then please apply to this job on Career.

+ - Do you use an anti-piracy protection?

Yes, my courses are protected from illegal distribution. It’s a necessary measure. Otherwise these lessons will be quickly distributed amongst all the chess players. This will reduce the courses’ power, because your opponents will share the same knowledge as you.

Also it will be annoying for you, if you pay for a product while many other people got it for free. Thus, I want to protect my honest students and my courses. That’s why I implemented an anti-piracy protection. Therefore you cannot share the ideas that I'm presending without my permishion.

+ - Do you have money-back guarantee?

Unfortanetly no, this option is not available. You seen my YouTube videos, studied my free lessons, read the extremely detailed course curriculum, so you'll be sure of what you posess.

+ - I am (my son/daughter) only a beginner. Can I study your course?

Yes of course! I prepared the best starting program for you and it isd begginer's pack. There you can find the first 4 yearly programs; please click here.

+ - How can I start learning?

If you don't have chess rating, official or online, I suggest you to follow the training progra that I prepare for you. It is seperated into years. I suggest you the begginer's packege; please click here.

The first introductionary lessons, how to move the pieces, are described here and it's a free package for anyone. If you like this format, the lessons, and the design; then I'll be sure that you'll love the other courses as well.

If you are more advanced chess player you can test the special page that I prepared for you called “Who Are You?”. You can perform the tests there in order to find the correct training program for you.

+ - Can I see a full price list?

There are pages seperated by catgories. You can see them here.

+ - I am not a native English speaker. Will I be able to understand your course?

No problem. English is not my first language either, so I don’t use very complicated language. Thus I believe you will be able to understand everything clearly. You'll get a lot of chess examples and clear explanations.


+ - Do you offer discounts for your courses?

Yes the lessons has discounts. From time to time we make some special discounts as well; thus I suggest you to join the mail list. You can do it easily by creating a new free account on the webiste by clicking here.

+ - How to use a discount coupon?

On Rules Chess Strategies we are happy to create discounts from time to time in order to help you enroll to the lessons. Using the coupon is very easy; you can add one product to your basket and then you can go to checkout page. From there you can see a special area called "add coupon". If you know the coupon code then you can add it there.

+ - What type of payment method is acceptable?

You can purchase the courses via PayPal. In the future will be more available ways. If you like acquire (receive) the lessons with a different way, no with PayPal, then please send us a message here.

+ - Is there any advantages for me to purchase all of your courses in one go?

Yes of course! Every chess course has a discount but the biggest are on packages. For example the begginer's packege cost: Novice-800 = 99 €, Rookie-1000 = 109 €, Beginner-1100 = 119 €, Elementary 1200 = 129 € Total = 456 €.

Getting all of these training programs by once will cost you only 199 €. This is a huge discount, isn't it? Please conside that I spend 3-4 months to create those lessons. There are inside lessons that I already taught on chess clubs and pupils. In conclusion you can buy important important lessons with very low cost.

Please also notice that you'll have access for 2 years, instead of the usual access of 1.

+ - Can I pay with any other currency apart from Euro?

Unfortunately no. However thought PayPal there is an automatic option to change the currency automatically.

+ - Is it safe to purchase your products online?

Buy something online is safe and this process become safer and safer. Especially after quaranteen the e-shop become more popular.

On the website there is an active SSL, encrypt all data transmission to protect the students. Similalry, there are other security tools because we are using one of the best servers in the world.

I suggest you use PayPaly as it is one of the safest methods. I use it for more than a dacete; since 2010 without any problem.

+ - May someone else (friend, relative, etc) make a payment instead of me?

Yes, someone else can purchase for you. For example in some countries is difficult to create a new PayPal account; thanks to regulations and restrictions of the country. If you have a similar problem then please send me an e-mail.

+ - I paid for the course but didn't get it.

After the payment you'll receive an email with the link to the lessons. If for some reason this link is not working or you didn't received the e-mail then you can log in on the website and visite the menu “profile”. Then you can see the option “useful”. There you can find the link to your lessons. Please click on them and you'll see the lessons; for example “Novice-800”.

If you seen only one lesson from this course then you can visit again the menu “profile” but this time you can click on the option “My Classes”. There you can see the name of the course and your progress as well.

If you still have accessing issues please feel free to send me an email.

After Payment

+ - How can I find the lessons?

After the payment you'll receive an email with the link to the lessons.

Note 1:

If for some unexpected reason the above metnioned link is not working then you can do the following:

  1. Log in to the website
  2. I new menu item, in the top menu, will apear called “profile”
  3. Go to profile and then find the sub menu “useful”
  4. There you can find the link to any lesson-s that you enrolled. Please click on them and you'll see the lessons; for example “Novice-800”.

Note 2:

If you seen only one lesson from a spesific course then you can visit again the menu “profile” but this time you can click on the option “My Classes”. There you can see the name of the course and your progress as well.

If you still have accessing issues please feel free to send us a message by clicking here

+ - The e-mail that I received had a wrong link.

If this happen then please send us an e-mail to correct the link.

+ - Can I see my progress?

Yes! If you seen only one lesson from this course then you can visit again the menu “profile” but this time you can click on the option “My Classes”. There you can see the name of the course and your progress as well.

+ - The “X” lesson is not working. What shall I do?

Please metnion the name of the training program and the spesific lesson. Then send me an e-mail to correct the lesson.

Personal Trainer

+ - Do you offer lessons in person, online or both?

No, I'm sorry but I'm offering only online lessons.

+ - What are your lessons like?

The private lessons has duration of 1 hour. At the beginning of the lesson you'll learn the most important ideas of the topic. Then we'll examin illustrative examples on this topic. During the lesson I'll make you questions. After the lesson you'll understood complete the topic and you'll be ready to apply the ideas on your own games. You can see the suggested chess topics by clicking here.

+ - Can you analyze one of my games?

Analysis of your games can be done during the lesson. Usually we dedicate the first hour to analyze your games.

+ - How much the lessons cost?

The private lessons cost in conjuction to your rating. Inticative you can see below:

The beginer package are the first 4 years at chess. As long as these lessons are ready inside the training program there is no need for me to perform private lessons on this level. Exeption is the lesson on a Chess Club group or inside school programs. If you are intresting for this king of lessons then please feel free to send me an e-mail.

Note: I'm not offering indepented lessons of 1 hour only. You should select at least 4 hours to start the private training.

+ - Can I take an 1 hour of private lesson with you?

The private lessons goes in 4. If you like to srart the private training then you should decide in advance to take 4 lessons (one hour each).

I suggest to perform 1 private lesson weekly. In this way you'll have time to assimilate the lesson and to make a recap. I already wrote down the suggested curriculum for the lessons; you can see it by clicking here.

+ - When can I pay you for the lessons?

To start the training you have to pay in advance. Please also notice the bank / PayPal charge then you should bear the cost.

+ - Can I play with you?

You can find me online on famus chess platforms of LiChess and If your rating is close to mine then we can play a game. Please also notice that I'm not accepting challenges on your own time control; I play 3+0 or 3+1. If you are not on my level then I suggest to find a more suitable opponent for you.

+ - Can you prepare me for an upcoming tourmanet / school challenge?

I could do that but it's more important to learn correctly an opening from scratch. Please take a look at my detailed opening courses by clicking here.

+ - Can we go out for a coffee to show you my game?

I'm sorry this is not an option. I'm a professional trainer and if you like to improve at chess then you need to follow a training “frame”.

+ - Can you evaluate me?

The most objective way is FIDE official rating. If you don't ever play on official tournaments then you can try online rating on chess platforms of LiChess or In general online rating are bigger by 200 to 400 points.

Last but not least you're welcome to try my tests by clicking here.

+ - Can you find my chess mistakes?

Of course. The best way to do that is studing your games. This is something that your friends, who have aproximately the same level with you, cannot do. It's also imposible to spot your mistakes by using chess programs. A chess program can suggest you the best move in the position but it will not explain the thing system behind it; how to find the right moves.

It's also important to note here that people do mistakes according to their chess strenght. I have being doing lessons for 20 years now and read a lot of chess books so I found the typical errors that players do according to their ELO. You can read these typical mistakes that I mention during the chess training programs by clicking here.

General Issues

+ - Can I contact you?

On encourage you to contact us. If your question isn't on FAQ (frequently asked questions) then please feel free to send an emai and we'll be back to you at the next 24 hours.

+ - Can I speak to you on phone?

I'm sorry but we cannot offering a phone support. If you have any query, related to chess or how to improve on it, then you can check the FAQ or send us an e-mail.

+ - What is ELO?

Please check out the free training course “Newbie-500”. This question already answered there on extra lessons. You can find the course by clicking here.

+ - Can mobile or computer “read” you?

Yes the chess programs can adapted to your style as they use artificial inteligent. However, you should become better by studing the chess training programs by clikcing here.

+ - Where can I play chess online?

Please check out the free training course “Newbie-500”. I explain there how to create a new free account on LiChess.

+ - I wrote a comment on YouTube channel but it doesn't published immidiately; why?

The messages goes under control. There are some people who wrote dummy things. People accuse me in the past for censorship, however political, football, and other stupid comments are not welcome on my channel. These kind of people can post on their social media accounts.

  • Please write a comment on what you liked on video lesson; as thousand other people did in the past.
  • Please write a question and I'll be happy to reply. Please find the very spesific minute of the video.
  • You are welcome to write something you didn't like, in a kind manner, by proposing a change (to do something better).

+ - Why do you have lessons on Greek?

I start my YouTube channel by making Greek videos and I'm the most famous chess person on my country. Still my most popular videos are Greek but I hope it will change in the future.

Till 2020 I do English lessons on YouTube channel. I post Greek videos very rarely in order to promote a new training course; hopefully you'll understand it.

+ - Do you have a program for your Twich Channel?

Live broadcast on Twitch is really cool and important thing. I do enjoy them a lot. I'll try to add it again on my weekly program however it's more important for me to continue creating the training chess program on the website.

Other Ways To Connect With Me