Benko Gambit

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What You Will Learn?

  • A very aggressive system against 1.d4
  • Master Benko Gambit (with White and Black pieces)
  • A complete repertoire with Black pieces
  • Middlegame ideas and plans for both colures
  • Learn from 57 Illustrative analyzed games
  • Positional themes which can be applied to your games
  • The lines checked by strong computer engines

Course Description

The Benko Gambit is an aggressive and tactical reply to 1.d4. It will help you get an aggressive position, full of tactical possibilities. This is the best way to guarantee the victory!

Usually the d4 - players would like to have a stable situation in the center and hopping for a maneuvre game. With Benko gambit you can destroy their plans and ideas; take them out of their comfort zone...

Benko is not similar to other gambits with unclear compensation, but a positional robust opening system that survived thought centuries. The main idea of this system is to give up a pawn on queenside and then press White's weak pawns with rooks and powerful fianchetto g7 bishop. In many cases White lost the game by a tactical blow; something you can do in the future.

Why I created the lessons?

Benko gambit is a base in order to understand more complex openings like Benoni and King's Indian Defense. It should be your first step before learning more advanced openings.

It has a lot of positional ideas that will help you improve your level to intermediate (more than 1500 ELO) or strong player (more than 1800 ELO). Black's pieces has very typical and characteristic positions. The maneuvers are standard and for that reason you'll remember them easily.

It is a system that helped me to get 1900 FIDE ELO rating and perform my best win against a 2300 ELO player; with black pieces! I know by hard all the ideas and lines because I use it for years. Thus, you can take advantage of my vast experience to create a powerful opening repertoire against 1.d4. You'll never fear this first move again.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Studied my previous (free of charge) course “The Easiest Way To Learn Chess

01 CheckThe lessons are suitable for:


  • 1200 – 2000+ Fide Official Rating
  • 1100 – 2200+ Online Rating (LiChess or


  1. Introduction | 4' 34'' // 1 game
  2. The Most Amazing Games | 16' 36'' // 6 games
  3. Nf3 // Without d5 // Gambit from Black | 20' 20'' // 7 games
  4. All Sublines Analyzed | 9' 45'' // 3 games
  5. Strategical System Qc2 | 20' 57'' // 9 games
  6. Sublines Nf3 with d5 | 14' 45'' // 2 games
  7. The f3 line| 20' 57'' // 3 games
  8. Benko Declined // b6 Variation – Part 1 | 18' 44'' // 7 games
  9. Benko Declined // b6 Variation – Part 2 | 20' 17'' // 3 games
  10. Fianchetto Variation | 17' 51'' // 5 games
  11. The f4 Line | 11' 59'' // 4 games
  12. King Walk | 22' 14'' // 7 games

In Total

  • 12 Theoretical Video Lessons | 198 Minutes
  • 57 Analyzed Games

About the Author

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach, theorist and FIDE National Instructor. Born Ioannina - Greece (1982) with International FIDE rating 1900 ELO.

He is co-author and Academy manager for the Remote Chess Academy.

As a chess teacher, he has been happily teaching chess since he was 20. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organize lessons in chess clubs, private classes and online teaching.

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