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Discover the Ultimate Chess Collection, bundled together in our exclusive Mega Bundle. Enroll seamlessly in the following comprehensive courses:

Total = 1790 Μinutes | 1116 Examples | 940 Exercises | 328,6€

Total = 1105 Μinutes | 232 Examples | 100 Exercises | 161,99€

Total = 2012 Μinutes | 695 Examples | 300 Exercises | 427,11€

Grand Total

  • 4907 Μinutes / 82 hours (approximately)
  • 2043 Theoretical Examples
  • 1340 Exercises
  • 912.17€

Chess Program Instructors

Author | GM Stelios Halkias

GM Stelios Halkias

Stelios Halkias is a Top Greek Chess player with Pick ELO 2600+. From 2002 he holds the Grandmaster (GM) title by FIDE. He has represented his country in several Chess Olympiads, including 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

For more information please read more here.


Author | GM Marian Petrov

GM Marian Petrov

Marian Petrov is an accomplished professional chess coach, theorist, and Bulgarian champion for 2002 and 2017, as well as the winner of many open tournaments around the world.

GM Petrov is also a FIDE trainer and coach of the team of Wales at the last Olympiad in Baku in 2016. He graduated from the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in Chess Pedagogy, a four-year undergraduate program designed to prepare top-level chess trainers.

Author | GM Kapnisis Spyros

GM Kapnisis Spyros

Kapnisis Spyros started playing chess when he was 7 years old. In 1993 he was named champion of Greece under 12 years old (-12) and in 1996 champion of Greece under 16 years old (-16) in a tie with GM Stelios Halkias.

He studied finance at the University of Piraeus, coached strong chess players, and was the coach of the Greek National Team.

Important successes worth mentioning are 3rd in Glyfada in 1997, 3rd in Kavala in 2003 and 2004, and many more. He has held the title of GM since 2011 and in the same year, he managed to break the barrier of 2520 ELO points.

Author | GM Sergey Kasparov

GM Sergey Kasparov


Grandmaster from Belarus, ELO 2465. More than 15 years of coaching experience with players of all levels from beginners to professionals, all over the world, both in person and Online, with children and adults. Languages: Russian, English. Author of 8 chess books and numerous articles in Chessbase, NIC, etc.


  • 2012, “The dynamic Benko”
  • 2013, “Steamrolling the Sicilian”
  • 2014, “Cunning chess opening for Black: Lure your Opponent into the Philidor Swamp!”
  • 2015, "Волжский гамбит. Современная практика"
  • 2015, “Understanding the Scandinavian”
  • 2015, “The Exchange Sacrifice: A Practical Guide”
  • 2017, "Doubled Pawns: A Practical Guide"
  • 2017, "The Hedgehog"

Author | IM Asaf Givon

IM Asaf Givon

Asaf Givon has been an International Master since 2013, with 2 GM norms, he’s close to getting the Grand Master title.

He’s an active player for the Kfar Saba team in the First Israeli Chess League. He got 1st place at the Israeli Open Championship (2013) and was the Israel U-20 Champion (2013 and 2014).

As a chess teacher, he has been happily teaching chess since he was 16!

Author | IM Mateusz Kolosowski

IM Mateusz Kolosowski

Mateusz Kołosowski is an International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medalist.

In 2010 he took 5th place in the European U-18 Championship. During his chess career, Mateusz won many international tournaments.

Apart from being a player, he is also a chess coach who has experience working with students from more than 20 countries.

So far he helped a few of them in obtaining their international titles. Mateusz has also performed live commentary of the Polish and European Rapid and Blitz Championships.

Author | IM Valeri Lilov

IM Valeri Lilov

Better known as Tiger Lilov, he is a professional chess coach and lecturer renowned for his personalized approach to training students and professional players from all over the world.

Having been an active tournament player all his life, he has won many international open tournaments and championships including the European Individual School Chess Championship U10 (Moscow, 2000) and the Kulaga Memorial International Open (Minsk, 2007).


Author | Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris

Angelo Kesaris is a professional chess coach for the last 20 years and FIDE National Instructor. He is an active chess player with an International FIDE rating of 1900 ELO. He started teaching chess in primary schools, organizing lessons in chess clubs, private classes, online teaching, and chess course creator. You can read more here.

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