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The camp of GM Papaioannou - Understand the Najdorf - Aggressive Systems is already a digital product. 

This product includes all the videos from the workshop as well as the PGN file related to the training sessions. Overall, the material consists of 9 hours of video and a PGN database which includes 156 files! 

You will find the following lectures:

✅ Typical Strategies in the Aggressive Lines

✅ Repertoire against 6.Be3 - Part 1

✅ Repertoire against 6.Be3 - Part 2

✅ Repertoire against 6.h3

✅ Repertoire against 6.Bc4

✅ Repertoire against 6.Bg5

Now, we shall take a look at the different lectures.

Typical Strategies in the Aggressive Lines

In this lecture, you will learn the most important ideas in the sharp lines. All the games in this lecture feature positions with opposite sides castling.  In such positions, time is the most important asset. Hence, in order to be quicker than our opponent, we can apply various strategic and tactical tools.  For instance, after studying the material, you will know when and how we can get sufficient compensation by sacrificing an exchange on c3. Also, you will be aware of different ways of playing against White's knights on b3 and c3. It goes without saying that possible structural transformations are examined as well.

Make sure to study this lecture very carefully. This material will help you to understand the theoretical lectures.

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