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1.Nf3 - Practical Reti Repertoire for White

The masterclass - 1.Nf3 - Practical Repertoire for White is already a digital product. 

GM Papaioannou continues his Reti journey. In his previous camp 1.Nf3 d5 2.g3 - Play the Reti, Papaioannou provided a complete solution for White against 1...d5.

The focus of this camp are all Black's options against 1.Nf3, except 1...d5.

This product includes all the videos from the workshop and the PGN file related to the training sessions. Overall, the material consists of approximately 7.5 hours of video and a PGN database which includes 80 files!  

If you are looking for a positional opening where the typical ideas and plans are more important than the concrete theory, Reti is your choice!

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