If you like to improve yourself on this great game, the king of the board games, then I strongly recommend you to follow the free lessons.

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Rules-chess-strategies is a customized and specially designed website for people who want to learn chess and improve their game.

What is Rules-chess-strategies.com?

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The lessons and structure of the page are designed to provide a sound knowledge base for beginners - new players - but also to more advanced chess players. Starting with the basics, moves. and rules of chess, we will move on to more specific skills that will help you play in style and elegance.

Is chess necessary for humans?

What is chess and is it necessary for life? Is something that we can live without it? Indeed anyone can claim that chess is not necessary for living, however, could you live with the only necessary things such as food and water? You may like to forget the culture, public transport, and electricity... Could you live in this way?

I think that the question we should ask ourselves is: "What separates humans from the animals?" Thus, we can claim that chess is the "extra necessary". It is something that we must have "in force" in our lives if we would like to live better. With chess, we can improve our thinking way, and by improving it we automatically improve our lives.


If you want to be happy then you have to find something which you like; you need to follow it with passion and love. This could be chess, theater, music, painting or a bunch of other fine things that exist in this world. Just support your passion, it will make you happy, it is proven in practice! ;)

What is the main goal?

Your personal goal with chess should be a personal pleasure and entertaining. Do not expect to be the best player in the world, win all the games which you play or learn everything. Try to enjoy the moment through every game and learn something new. Sometimes you will win and others you will lose. That's chess. It happens even to the best chess players in the world. This switching of emotions can trigger the human's pleasure system and make us happy.



  • Find something that you love and support with passion! || Angelos Kesaris
  • Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything... || Magnus Carlsen


What We Do

Chess News

We follow the best chess tournaments around the world and try to write useful news about them, offering you the opportunity to learn all of the important news.

Chess School

If you like to improve yourself on this great game, the king of the board games, then I strongly recommend you to follow the free lessons.

Video Lessons

Indeed videos can help you learn faster and more efficient, for that reason I have my personal YouTube channel with plenty of chess videos.


On our website you can find a separate and specific game zone in order to test your skills on chess.

What is for you?

  • Comparison

    By learning new techniques, tricks and strategies you can become better. Do not fall into the trap of being better than others because you will fail. Instead, you should aim to be better than yourself, better from the previous day. If you get better even at 1% every day, then at the end of the year you will have made tremendous progress! That been said, try to compete yourself and improve your personal performance.

  • How to improve chess?

    Rules-chess-strategies.com offers a comprehensive and special program for beginners but also for more advanced players. We can help you make your game more aggressive and sharper. You may like to visit the free lessons, here, and you'll find the lessons on your own personal chess level, so you will improve.

Your skills

Chess necessity: 20%


Knowledge: 40%


Enjoyment: 60%


Your goals: 99%