Chess is the King of board games as hundreds of thousands of amateurs all around the world enjoy this very statistical and complicated game. A board and the pieces are enough for two friends in order to start the game of chess. It is a pleasant mental activity that each player tries to apply the right strategy with the ultimate goal to mate his opponent...

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Note: Be careful the time in the right top !! You have 10 minutes in order to reply to all questions.

Did you ever test your chess knowledge? Take a part in this 10 question puzzle and find out your level! Even if you don't know anything about the game; through these specific questions, you will get some basic information about it.


So, let's begin our journey and learn more about this amazing game; chess! You can get up to 1000 points (Perfect score) for this test and need to give at least 25% of correct answers to receive your first certificate.


You can participate in the test as many times as you want.